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sojourn in Germany

Empty Flat

Yeah looks like I am moving out, my flat is empty, I am sitting here trying to study and I miss something.

I would like to own fewer material things and posses more in my heart. However, I can't spend my time now on thinking about such things.

In any case I will do what I can do for this exam just to fuckin pass it and to give prove that I can take this challenge.

Another time of being abroad is waiting for me and I am sure that after this year I will be either tired of going abroad or I will reach a point where my life goes on like this, meaning constant change.

20.1.06 00:46


no judgement

I can't really tell if I will pass or not, I just hope I will not have to take it again.

well, can't wait to go East: 7 days and 7 hours are left.
17.1.06 01:14

don't fuck this up

Crucial exam on monday, i simply can't develop a way of thinking that is able to solve law problems and cases. However, 35 hours are left and nobody ever won a battle by giving up before fighting.

so just don't fuck this up men!!!
14.1.06 23:03

1 year?

To my suprise, my landlord told me that I will receive the deposit for my flat in one year up from now. Unbelievable but true, this is in conformity to German law! How can they lock up my money for such a long period of time, after I moved out when taking into consideration that you have like 1 week time to pay it in when you move into the flat.

okay calm down ... and start studying, start now
14.1.06 15:23


11 days left .... I finally have a place to stay for the first week.

13.1.06 02:15

The Erasmus Story

A guy called S. decides to take the challenge and applies for english business study at FH-Stralsund and gets accepted.

Not speaking the level of English that is required he starts the first semester being very eager and achieves really good grades and is therefore really motivated to go on. During the second semester he does not have much courses and besides struggling with a huge written assignment he is meeting some girls from Norway who convince him to study in Trondheim. From then on everything changes.

He went to Norway where he studied together with some of the best students of really many other countries. Poles, Norwegians, Lithuanians became his friends and will influence this story later on.

After that he went to Poland where he would live together with Norwegians and would also meet his Polish and Lithuanian friends again. In this time he meets Polish people and convinces them to go to Germany.

Being back in Germany and to his surprise he meets Poles from te previous semester whom he is going to spent some time with. Furthermore he meets Lithuanians which is very benefitial as he is going to Lithuania soon.

Whereever I went I knew people from there before I went there and poeple from there would meet me again after I returned to some other place.

13.1.06 02:13

2 done 3 to go

For some reason my first two exams, Corporate Finance and Total Quality Management turned out to be relatively easy to pass with 2-3 days of studying and understanding the content without much studying by heart.

However next week won't go on like this with business law and managerial accounting on the shedule:-(

Hope is the last thing that comes off a sinking ship:-)
12.1.06 19:21

Nice Quotes

Today I found some nice quotes which I just had to steal

"life is what happens while we are busy making plans for life"

by John Lennon

"leadership is all about taking risks"

"innovative solutions are all around us, the answer is how we approach the problem"

by John Di Frances
11.1.06 12:19

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