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What I learned today

Everyone should earn at least enough money to cover:
- monthly rent
- food and beverages
- communication
- mobility
- education
- childcare
- pension

People who do not see each other all too often, have more time to develop their skills.

People who travel a lot, broaden their horizon by finding out how common problems are solved at other places.

The time a couple spends together is a luxury that must be earned or traded off to a certain extent.
16.12.09 13:28


Alec Empire @ Übel & Gefährlich

Alec Empire and Nic Endo performed the most weird rhythyms and sounds I have heard for a long time. It was a true pleasure to listen to this kind of totally innovative music with a polictical message.
I would say, the crowd got the message and digital hardcore lives ...

PS: Just in case you ever plan to visit one of Alec's concerts, their sound is extremely loud and you ears may get hurt for good. Thus you better protect your ears with Ohropax or anything else you have got to do so.
6.4.08 01:02

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