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lost in Poland


If I could ask you two questions they would be:

What do you believe in?
What is it that you are living for?
12.1.08 12:41


New years resolutions

Like most people I came up with some resolutions for the new year.

- walk slower
- think before you act
- be more active outdoors
- study more Polish
- send 3 applications a week
- read more on logistics
- stop biting
- stay in close touch with your friends and your family

That should be enough for 2008.

Go out and do it, the sky is the limit!
1.1.08 19:04

The mistake II

To believe I could be able to find a job in Poland was very naive.
Polska dla Polacy
23.11.07 02:25

Review of my stay

I have to admit, never in my life I have had such an accumulation of memorable moments in such a short period ot time.

To make myself clear, besides all the interesting people I have met -> we will stay in contact, I have been traveling so much

I have been in;

- Warsaw (visited an exhibition in the palace of culture and science, have seen all the sights, have been to a Dali exhibition, have been to a reggae festival and a graffity competition, and got to know polish way of living and lots of polish food)

- Gdansk (for the second time as a tourist, visited the penisula Hel and came back ;-), enjoyed all this with my very good friend Florian)

- Wroclaw (climbed the tower of the church -> amazing view, we went to a Havanna Resturant, they have really nice cafe's, and I saw a great exhibition)

- twice in Nikolaus Kopernikus City -> Torun (visited clubs like "under the angel" and "hipnoza" saw the great man who stopped the sun and moved the earth, the zoo, various parks, etc.)

- to Vilnius (seen nearly all the churches, visited Trakai castle, went for sailing trip, seen Juri Hulkonnen, got to know the city through the eyes of Ilona, got a first impression of where I gonna study next year)

- I have been to Berlin twice (showing foreigners through a city which I myself rarely know, so now I know my capital city a bit better could almost become a tourist guide, ate my first Sushi there and since then I am addicted to maki, ate my first real turkish meal which was really great, had the highest bill for "a few beer" ever -> don't go for beer with Norwegians!, also met my brother who lives there)

I had at least one great party a week -> consequently one hangover a week, I met at least 2 new people every week ->
consequently a lot of confusion until i found myself, I had great diner at least twice a week -> consequently i will have to do more jogging. I really got to know Norwegian way of living while living in polish culture -> I always felt so stupid when I started talking Norwegian to the lady in the shop round the corner, because I was so used to use this language. I somehow got a feeling for polish language -> even though I will have to study vocabulary in the summer, by now I understand quite a lot, sometimes too much ;-) I lived in a great flat and there is a lot more. Many friends came to visit me here I could almost open a hostel, the ones who couldn't come you are excused because I know our friendship is strong.

I can really not complain and I often wish others would have this.
I am convinced that the reason for gaining all this is because i take challenges and i take chances as they come and if they sound unachievable at least i try -> I admit you have to be a bit crazy to attend Norwegian classes after studying it only for one year, and even though it made studying really stressful at the end it worked and it even worked out in the way that I now have a part time translator job. Also I have some plans such as my personal homepage and a forum as well as I have some other plans which I want to work on to keep myself challenged. It is all about keeping on doing things, only action can lead to success.

These days I receive so many good news that it becomes really hard for me to believe the world is fair anymore. To name only a few things; I got accepted for Vilnius 2006 and got a really high scholarship for next year, got a really nice job for the summer -> consequently I will have money to travel and visit my friends in Spain and France. My great family is waiting for me, and even though I will have to leave a girl which I really fell in love with I feel balanced and life will show what is behind all this. She is a great person and I will stay in contact with her. I have the opportunity for a really great internship starting next summer and I read that as long as I have such a live I shouldn't think of the possibility that all of this will be followed by a down period, so let's keep on walking -> maybe a bit slower to apply all this change, but still I will be walking.

so much for today:
Have to enjoy my last day, the sun is shining and the shadows continously appear behind me ...

30.6.05 12:15

"Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will appear behind you."

"The reminiscence of the moments you experience now, are the only things which cannot be banished from paradise."

"Youth is not restricted by age."

"If you really want to get things done in the way you want them do be done, you will often have do to it by your own."

"The only thing leading to long term security is taking continuous action and risk, consequently a high degree of security may lead to a risk of stagnation if not to a step backwards."

"The nature of the people around you determine you in evolving into a person or a personality."
"So if you want to become a good personality, start focussing on good people."

28.6.05 16:14

The one thing I hate about this weblog is the automatic logout!!!
28.6.05 15:48

What the hell is this magic thing in me???

I am easily gaining trust like rather few people would be able to.
I am relatively easily getting people to open up to me like rather few people would do it.

She told me:
I am the first guy, whom she is not icecold to, the first whom she broke the normal rules of an affair, I am the first guy she cried for, the first whom she is really opening up to what she is feeling. The first one who fits to the pattern of her environment, What the hell does all this mean??? I still consider myself being single.

I am either extremely good in ifluencing people in a way that they still fell comfortable with, or there is this magic thing which i cannot explain and some even call it charisma, which is something you embody, but you cannot characterize.

However I feel good with it even though I cannot explain it.

I am listening to L'usine Icl - falling in

23.6.05 02:34

Time is passing by like an arrow, I should seize these days.
21.6.05 13:06

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