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rootet in Norway

A fascinating and dangerous trip to the old mining village Roeros...

In one of my subjects which is called "Introduction to Norway" we are supposed to experience Norwegian culture and traditions as close as possible. This became true especially this time.

The plan is to spend one night out in the wildernis in a tent called Lavvo. We may remind ourselves that we are in november now;-)

We were 12 people being transported to Roeros by bus. The Journey took us through deep valleys along a river high up in the mountains to one of the dryest and coldest places in Norway. After arrival, everybody went into the supermarked to buy some food for the evening as well as we spent some money on wine for having a nice evening.

After everybody had bought his food, we were given a guided tour trough the old town of Roeros. A Village consisting of many wooden houses painted in very different and nice colours alongside really narrow streets. Visiting the church and the old museum where very detailed models of mining times were shown to us. We could feel the atmosphere of this village from past mining times.

The bus driver took us to a lake and dropped us there. Unfortunately we had to realize that the lake as well as the ground around it was completely frozen. Erecting a tent under such conditions should not become so easy. Chopping wood with blunt axes wasn't that easy. Anyway we managed it to erect the Lavoos before the darkness. Sitting around the camp fire next to the lake was the only chance to stay warm.
I weared 4 or 5 layers of t-shirts and multicfunctional clothes and still freezing if not sitting at the fire. But it was not that cold the wind was so terrible. When I asked the spanish guy next to me what time it is, he answered me that the watch says its 5pm. Actually I could not believe that it is so completely dark and cold at 5pm. Later on we collected wood to
prepare our food on the grill. To cook spagetti out in the wildernis and eating without forks and just only with a spoon tourned out to be relatively difficult.

Around 10pm we disappeared into our lavvos, to start fireing the oven, yes right a tent with an oven inside. The difficult thing was somebody would have to keep the fire going every 45 minutes. I had terrible headache from this cheap spanish wine so i directly went to sleep.

Around 5 am i woke up and saw that everybody else was also awake and we had smoke in the tent. What happend the fire was the fire went out, because nobody kept an eye on it. Trying to fire it again with spiritous was a really stupid idea, because suddenly we had a darting flame causing fire in the tent which jumped over to a matraze ended burning next to the exit, what meant it was dangerous getting out as well. The fire was spreading quickly. Fire in the tent, what shall we do now, fuck said one person, pee said another one, while I was the only person staying calm thinking what to do others left the tent crouching below the tent's canvas. Finally one had a good and in fact the easiest idea just taking the matraze out of the tent. Luckyly it was raining outside and the matraze was erased immediatly. Everybody standing outsdie on the wet moss in socks we saw that luckyly the tent was not burning at all. We went inside while keeping the entrance open to get rid of the heavy smoke. The good thing was the oven was on now and everybody was awake. From no on I took the responsibility for keeping the fire going til the morning because I was the only one who was fresh enough to to so, while every had a very cosy sleep.

I think nobody of us will forget about this trip, the next day we were all taken to resturant where they served us fresh cooked reindeer, before leaving Roeros towards home.

I am still alive everything is fine and I have to leave now,

Ha det bra

23.3.05 19:12


an unexpected signal...

yeah friends, quite some time ago when I made my last entry in here

The last 3 weeks have been passing quite fast. First of all my girlfriend and some friends of mine came to visit me in the beautiful area of Trondheim. We prepared lots of Salmon in almost all variations you can think of as we also had some international dishes. We did lots of hiking in the mountains around Trondheim, watching wonderful sunsets from the Tyholt Tower. On some Wednesday there was a spanish birthday party which turned out to be extremely funny. When my friends left, I became quite silent just only working on my numerous term-papers while coordinating the teams i work with as a leader. That time I really wished to have some more time for my friends, I even could not go to badminton as often as I would. Studying in Norway is definately not comparable to what I have been used to before as far as work-load is concerned.

Northern Lights... Yeah since last week there have been extremely good conditions for watching these beautiful phenomena, we have been out late in the night almost every day.
We stood in the cold dark looking into the sky and waiting for it. We where lucky, usually after some 15 minutes we were rewarded with this godsent present. Some tails appeared merging to a huge wall of brightness until this green light constellations became visible before the wall finally moved into other shapes. One night there were several such walls visible in a circle above us, it looked like a pyramide of northern lights surroundning us.

so much for now...
read you soon
23.3.05 18:17

Traveling back by train for 15 hours was really hard, but the closer we got to our destination trondheim the better became our mood and the better got the weather.

Back in sunny and typically norwegian Trondheim we were all quite happy to stay in one of the most beautiful towns of norway for the next two month.

23.3.05 02:53

After spending two days in Oslo, we took the nightbus to Bergen. The busdriver drove so jerk through all these serpentines that i even had to buckle myself up while sleeping.
Again totally wasted, we got off the bus 1 hour to early.
Spending some time at a cafe to get fresh, eat something, brush our teeth and finally get started for another marathon of visiting museums for another two days. No I won't rewrite al the museums and sight we have paid a visit to again.
On our last evening in bergen we got to know to two very nice american guys who want to explore europe and also one girl from germany taking a time off from her stressful job. Having conversation with native speakers is the best thing you can get.

23.3.05 02:52

Short Report of last week's events:

We were 6 people, all quite excited to explore Norway. Standing at the bus station we jumped around, doing stupid things, while waiting for the bus to come. All of us were so happy that we were not even able to sleep at all until the break around 4 am, after that time we somehow managed to fall asleep.
7:16 am, "good morning passengers, in about 10 minutes we will arrive at Oslo central station, I hope you had a good sleep and enjoyed the trip .... " Oh please, we were supposed to arrive at 8 am! Still sleepy, we tried to find our hostel.
My first impression of Oslo: unfortunately, a rather dirty typical western european city instead of expressing typical norwegian architecture, culture and values.
Visiting almost everything in two days, starting with the Akershus Fortress, to The Armed Forces Museum and Norway's Resistance Museum heading to Holmenkollen, The Viking Ship Museum, The Kon-Tiki Museum and the Polar Ship Fram and also going to Ibsen's apartment, The Norwegian Museum of Cultural Heritage, The Norwegian Museum of Architecture, as well as visiting Telemuseet and finally the amazing Vigeland Park. That was a marathon in visiting sights like I have never done it before. Everyone of us was really tired and not able to go out.


23.3.05 02:52

Today, I had to held a presentation about the "process against corruption" Our team did a good work, so I am satisfied with it!

I received a call from a truck driver to meet him down in the habour in order to receive the package from my parents;-)

I also received another letter that a package has arrived, I wonder what is it going to be and who sends me this.

I finally managed to get the confirmation e-mail for her flights she is going to take. I also found the shop called "Vinmonopolet". It was amazing, I have never seen so much bottles of wine on one place, at the end I bought two bottles of Merlot, no you don't want to know the price.

I will not be active in here for the rest of this week since I am going to Oslo today's evening by Nightbus. Hopefully I will be able to sleep in the bus. I am really looking forward for this trip.
23.3.05 14:49


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