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Potato salad with yellow paprika

- boil 1kg of potatoes in the jacket in a pot for 30-40 minutes
- shower potatoes with cold water, peel and slice them
- slice and add 3 yellow paprika
- fry 2 soup spoons of pine nuts in a pan

meanwhile prepare the marinade
- 2 soup spoons olive oil
- 3 soup spoons balsamico
- 200gr vegetable stock
- 2 soup spoons lemon juice
- 2 soup spoons green pesto
- add salt and pepper
- add oregano

mix the potatoes with the marinade and leave them 4h in a bowl
- add 100 gr field salad
- add the fryed pine nuts
- serve it

Enjoy your meal!
1.1.08 18:57


Potato salad with rucola

- boil 1kg of potatoes in the jacket in a pot for 30-40 minutes
- shower potatoes with cold water, peel and slice them

- meanwhile prepare and slice all other ingridients
- 3 hard-boiled eggs
- 2 apples marinated with lemon
- 2 sour cucumbers
- 4 not boiled wiener sausages
- 1/2 red onion
- 1/2 white onion
- 100g cutted rucola salad (leave some for decoration)

- mix the potatoes with all ingridients into a big bowl
- add salt & pepper
- add oregano, parsley and basil
- add olive oil and balsamico
- add 300ml natural joghurt

- stir up the salad and leave in the fridge for 30minutes
- add some rucola on top of the bowl and serve it

Enjoy your meal!
1.1.08 18:39

Roulade with red cabbage and dumplings

- take a long piece of beef shoulder
- tenderize it from both sides
- add salt and pepper
- daub it with mustard from the inside
- add a 1/4 of onion and a piece of bacon
- if you wish add sour cucumber and fresh cheese
- roll it so that nothing can fall out
- transfix it with a roulade needle

- roast it gently from all sides
- add water from time to time to make sure you will have something to prepare a sauce of

prepare red cabbage, dumplings or potatoes

enjoy your meal!
2.7.06 20:39

Mozarella coated with breadcrumbs

Mozarella coated with breadcrumbs

- slice Mozarella cheese
- wallow it in egg
- coat it with breadcrumb or porridge oats
- fry it

enjoy your meal!
2.7.06 20:17

Zucchini sauce

Zucchini sauce

- mellow the soft cheese
- crush the soft cheese
- mix it with natural joghurt
- add dill and if you wish add lemon
2.7.06 20:14

Zuchini pancakes

Zuchini pancakes

- slice one zucchini and core it
- rasp the zucchini
- dewater it
- slice and rasp the carrots
- add porridge oats
- add breadcrumbs
- add 4 eggs (one one zucchini)
- slice and add onion and garlic
- add spices (salt & pepper)

- mix everything and form pancakes of max 10 cm average
- fry it in oil from both sides

enjoy your meal!
2.7.06 20:09

Aubergine with Tomato Sauce

Aubergine with Tomato Sauce

- fry sliced onion and garlic in magarine
- add paprika
- cut aubergine in slices and quarter it
- fry the aubergine as well
- add tomato sauce
- add spices as you wish
- add feta cubes

- add gnocci, pasta, potatoes or rice

enjoy your meal!
2.7.06 20:03

Stuffed Duck with red cabbage and dumplings

- Disembowel the duck
- Stuff it with mandarines, apples, onions, carrots
- add mugwort, salt and pepper
- fry it in a pot (add a little bit of water from time to time)
- siphom off the water in the pot
- rub the duck in with honey
- lay carrot slices around the duck
- pour the sauce through a sieve and add red wine
- put the duck into the oven
- add water from time to time
- prepare the dumplings and the red cabbage

enjoy your meal!
1.7.06 15:38

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