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People around me

Observations of the day

Most people do everything to look as beautiful as possible at daytime, essentially surrounding themselves with a courtain, and then at nightime, often while consuming alcohol they sort of let this curtain fall and show the people around them very much about who they really are. The reason why it struck is that you see people going from one extreme into the other from vain to despair.

Alcohol is the most publicly accepted drug in our society and yet among the most destructive, especially to our children. If the state and the families are supposed to grow them, why don't they do anything to protect them? Instead the government is receiving tax income on alcohol sold. It simply shows the government's lack of interest in nurturing and developing the society as a whole.

A company or corporation that does not invest money and time to develop their employees' skills should not expect to grow and develop at all. The question here is why do companies do that?
20.2.11 12:25


Inner drive

What is the cause for my restlessness in life?

Why do I use the words "must do", "have to do", "should do" instead of I want to do?
17.12.07 01:31

People and moments

This is meant to be a list of people I look up to who had significant impact on my life in the following way:
When I think of "person" i connect it with "something"

Remy - Paris, India (Goa), interesting way of thinking and living, gave me a bottle of Calvados when I finished my internship, hard working and highly inspiring person. Showed me Paris in his own way. Has a french speaking indian wife and a house in Goa. His role is sort of my mentor for balancing working and private life.

Uxue - Pamplona, my room in Norway, the centre of the Spanish speaking community, she opened my eyes and helped me to break out from my 7 year relationship that kept me away from doing so many things in my life, thank you so much.

Lessno - Erfurt, Berlin, N.Y., confusion, dreaming, game and vinyl freak, Gigolo with dozens of DJ groupies. I helped him a bit to become a good DJ and til today I am probably his worst slasher when asking for feedback on music or own produced tracks.
He always reminds me of my talent in Djing and tries to get me back to my roots which are experimental, innovative and sort of timeless music.

Gordon - Saalfeld, Praque, another vinyl freak who spends all his money on records instead of traveling, doesn't take himself serious, a coward, always tries to talk round the things, his green VW Polo and the hours we spend talking there, Sonnemondsterne festivals as long as it exists, father of a son, always reminds me of my german heritage and that i should not forget about my values and where i come from.

Marta - Poznan, Torun, Wroclaw, her appartment in Poznan, psychology, movies, books, widely educated, jazz, tram party, traveliing by PKP trains, biliiard, sushi without fish, the polish band project "fish", berlin, meeting each other although we are both aware that it doesnt make anything easier, having a great time, saying good bye while being able to smile, very time efficient and successful person in everything she does, melon, red wine, ice-cream, Always reminding me that we are young and can be serious later in our life, values the small and simple things in life.

Ewa - Poznan, Trondheim, Bessaker, Zdunska Wola, workaholic, always in a rush, swearing, emotional, focussing on values, sensitive, needs a lot of attention, materialistic after she came back from US and Canada, always wants to know everything about the subject, asks the right questions, takes 2 seconds to think before making any decision, concensus finding person. Always helped me to define who I am and what is good and what is bad for me. Still but very deep water.

Ilona - Trondheim, Bessaker, Vilnius, Poznan, more than simply a being a workaholic, sacrificing a lot, often complaining that she doesn't have time, very competitive business woman, translating Hero into English by stopping the movie every 3 minutes, made my Mandy very jealous, visited us in Poznan and we had some crazy parties, meet each other in Spain for holidays, does everything for the well being of her mother, Lost adicted.

Kjetil - Poznan, Trondheim, Berlin, spend all his money on sony vayo, good jeans, tobacco, and other things, gentlemen, a real down to earth Norwegian, always made me happy and motivated me during my after relationship phase in Poland, best roommate ever, cheerful but also sometimes hurting to others, strong but sensitive, at least as lazy as I am.

Denis - Trondheim, Kampala, delivering newspaper at 4 in the morning, doing his master degree in Norway while having a 2 year old daugther in Uganda, doing reserach in solar power for the future of his country, master in cutting chicken and breaking its legs, the calmest and happiest person I have ever met, religious but not fanatic, Uganda Party with horny dances, spend hours on caring his skin with lotion, always very well and colourful dressed.

Anja - Rudolstadt, Hannover, having at least two jobs, studying and partying at the same time, traveling between two cities every weekend, home in her car, very idealistic view of how a guy has to look but not very demanding when it comes to every day relationship activities, very flexible person, has always time for me, has cute freckles in the face, takes life simple.

Leo - Poznan, N.Y., very good in talking about things instead of doing them, likes to read, likes Europe, likes to forget his passport, likes to fall asleep in nightbusses, likes to sleep in the office, likes tortilia and zapiekanka, has good business ideas, likes to travel, liked to party with me twice or three times a week or more. Speaks my language, hopefully comes to Europe soon.

Kuba - Poznan, Stralsund, UK, likes to do things before he even knows how but will succeed, travels a lot, is able to survive in very bad conditions, able to have fun, withstand pressure, very flexible and spontaneous person, like to drink a lot, knows how to prepare pirogi, and how to burn absinth, he is so not polish.

Laetti - Poznan, Paris, London, French lady with slightly different attitudes and lifestyle, unlucky with guys, doing a lot of things on the very last minute, trying to gain the respect from her parents for her way of life, cuts hair nicely but takes 2 hours, can make very weird facial expressions, doesn't drink alochol anymore, has sense and taste for cloth, knows much about life and helped me very often to reflect my thoughts and actions.

Armin - Erfurt, Berlin, a German artist who made his way up from small Thueringia to big city Berlin where he hosts an attelier, takes part time jobs and draws portraits of high society people on charity events, always welcomes me in his flat and even stays nights somewhere else, he always made my stays in berlin very nice ones. I remember him talking about music as describing a picture, his famous art is called centres, haven't heard of him fro very long now.

my sister - Jena, we were often fighting together when we were younger, i started to really like her once I had moved out from home, she was always a bit slower than her classmates meaning she did different things and had different priorities than they had, now as she has grown up she manages her life much better and we are very close, talking about basically everything, she knows how to dress and she is simply herself, her friends are also spread over Europe, whenever I come home she had planned the parties for my weekend before i even arrive. Its always great fun with her.

Yvi - Altenburg, Erfurt, Darmstadt, Berlin, Prague, did not like her in the beginning, got to know her as a very cool person later, lived together with her for quite some time, creative and hard working but not overly talented, always having at least 300 contacts in her phone, we wanted to study together but we took different ways, it was good after all, even though keeping the friendship proved to be challenging, got so inspired by my erasmus tales that she decided to learn chech and to study in Prague where she had a really hard start, always surprises me which direction she will go next, always tries to put everything under one hat which doesn't always work out, lovely person, often tells me i should start writing books.

Bianca - Saalfeld, Erfurt, Leipzig, Dublin, studied design after she had finished her highschool and survived menigitis, had cleopatra haircut, crazy and creative, always loved to be different, started a 16h a day hairdresser career after she finished design school, a messy flat with a lonely cat, extrem vodka sessions, always made statements like: "look how beautiful that girl is", the guys she found attractive where almost female, artificial or gay, interested in very many things, fell in love with an Irish guy, listens to crazy music, packed her things and moved to Ireland after not accepting a job offer as hair dresser, trying to convince me to move to Ireland.

Florian - Kiel, Stralsund, Norway, Poznan, Tuebingen, Spain, well where to start, the most disciplined person I know, joined my university after he had been working in a bank for several years and did internship in South America, he was the one who made me starting this long lasting Erasmus journey, wanted to go with me to Norway and Poland but quit the study because it did not challenge him and he could not treat it seriously, i wasn't mad at him because I understood that he needs to go a different way to find peace, he visited me in Poznan, he plays with stocks, worked as a ambulance driver and as animator and tourist guide, he taught himself everything again about chimstry, math and biology to be able to take on a medicine study, had a girlfriend in sweden, travels really a lot, is active in youth organizations, is as sensitive as i am, always keeps moving, does all sorts of sports although he is really not a sportsmen, loves and respects the ability of the human body, as you see I could continue for quite some time with that ... he is a truly amazing person because besides all of this he can still enjoy life.

Jens Benz - Saalfeld, Erlangen, Austria, we crossed a field while it was raining and our parents were searching for us, a true risk taker, he grew weed and drank alcohol while his parents were praising that their son is such a good boy and thought they could control him, they were terribly wrong, we learned how to ride a snowboard with sth that had the shape of surfboards, he convinced others to escape from the kindergarden, we spent many holidays together in Austria, was never a fan of computers, always active in sports and believed the euipment matters more than the physical shape, when we have the chance to meet we go cross country skiing, drives a volvo, works in UK, has a new best friend, studies something connected with English, never showed that he has money but has a lot of it, somehow makes his way.

Max - Stralsund, Vilnius, a very skilled craftsman, very emotional and sensitive person, thinks a lot, can't talk to the guys on his jobs due to difference of education level, son of a priest, had a drug and alcohol career, is an excellent chef, dreamer, rides a bike with wooden saddel after his real one was stolen so often, a very creatuve inventor of all sorts of things, lives for the moment but never forgets about financial security, we walked on froozen rivers and did some other crazy stuff, is on my skill level in playing billiard, he will soon start to travle around the world for 3 years and will probably settle somewhere, a very wise guy at his age.

and probably more
20.5.06 16:52


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