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Dear reader,

when reading this weblog, please be aware of the fact, that most of the things I published here, are based on observations, snap-shot impressions and thoughts, that I was wondering about.

Under no circumstances, should you try to judge the issued material as a reflection of my personality, as it is not necessarily based on my core values! Thoughts are usually nothing more than the tiny piece of a moment or situation and never final.

Furthermore, comparing the published material with my actual behaviour is likely to create perception errors or be misleading, as my behaviour is controversial and not very much based on a stable repeating pattern.

The reason why I am writing this is, because readers tend to take things for granted in the way I write them, and they might think I fully believe in this.
Please be aware, that only those who really know me for longer, will be likely to really understand what I meant by one thing or another. Also, one has to be willing to understand to really get the message. In case of doubts, asking me might help as well to avoid misunderstandings. That is what the comment section is meant for, so I encourage you to make us of it.

However, all assumtions or conclusions made on this webside are meant to eventually finding a certain degree of truth.
Anyone who disagrees or has made other oberservations, is welcomed to question what i publish.

Also it should not be forgotten, that the things published here can really be hurting, if they are taken personally!

I hereby, distance myself from the negative consequences that reading this might have on the individual or a group of people.

Reading this weblog, I strongly advise to stick to what I have mentioned above!
8.3.06 23:55


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