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Kur jis sustoja?

The mistake

The fact that I did not decide for doing my internship in another country, is what makes me sad staying in this one. Let's hope giving up that much of my personal life will pay off some day.
16.3.07 21:30


Drama king

This routine without perspective is starting to pull me down and it gives me some insights:

- no more jobs that do not involve people and communication
- no more positions in organizations of low performance
- no more longer stays in countries where you simply dont speak the language at all
- no more working environments in which happiness is not part of it
- and no more no more's
6.3.07 15:50


"Any manager should be able to create some value with good employees, a rising economy and a decent product or service."
6.3.07 13:53


While watching the pictures of us, the only thing I really want from life is to be with you.
6.3.07 11:42

what has happened to my life

I am not sure what has happened to my life, but one thing is sure I should'nt let myself go in such a way:

- stop the routine of writing
- stay in contact with your friends
- be more active
- read books and watch movies
- distract your mind away from this routine
- travel to Poland
3.3.07 10:42

"i neer think of tomorrow. it comes soon enough."

@Albert Einstein
17.2.07 23:43

Cheating on each other

Watching all those movies about relationships such as "last kiss", one could get the impression that cheating on each other simply belongs to a grow a relationship ... almost the same goes for the weak people around you who cheat each other ...
17.2.07 23:34

"The sky is the limit!"

so much about today's opportunities ...
10.2.07 00:31

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