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Observations of the day

Most people do everything to look as beautiful as possible at daytime, essentially surrounding themselves with a courtain, and then at nightime, often while consuming alcohol they sort of let this curtain fall and show the people around them very much about who they really are. The reason why it struck is that you see people going from one extreme into the other from vain to despair.

Alcohol is the most publicly accepted drug in our society and yet among the most destructive, especially to our children. If the state and the families are supposed to grow them, why don't they do anything to protect them? Instead the government is receiving tax income on alcohol sold. It simply shows the government's lack of interest in nurturing and developing the society as a whole.

A company or corporation that does not invest money and time to develop their employees' skills should not expect to grow and develop at all. The question here is why do companies do that?
20.2.11 12:25


What I learned today

Everyone should earn at least enough money to cover:
- monthly rent
- food and beverages
- communication
- mobility
- education
- childcare
- pension

People who do not see each other all too often, have more time to develop their skills.

People who travel a lot, broaden their horizon by finding out how common problems are solved at other places.

The time a couple spends together is a luxury that must be earned or traded off to a certain extent.
16.12.09 13:28

Alec Empire @ Übel & Gefährlich

Alec Empire and Nic Endo performed the most weird rhythyms and sounds I have heard for a long time. It was a true pleasure to listen to this kind of totally innovative music with a polictical message.
I would say, the crowd got the message and digital hardcore lives ...

PS: Just in case you ever plan to visit one of Alec's concerts, their sound is extremely loud and you ears may get hurt for good. Thus you better protect your ears with Ohropax or anything else you have got to do so.
6.4.08 01:02


If I could ask you two questions they would be:

What do you believe in?
What is it that you are living for?
12.1.08 12:41

New years resolutions

Like most people I came up with some resolutions for the new year.

- walk slower
- think before you act
- be more active outdoors
- study more Polish
- send 3 applications a week
- read more on logistics
- stop biting
- stay in close touch with your friends and your family

That should be enough for 2008.

Go out and do it, the sky is the limit!
1.1.08 19:04

Potato salad with yellow paprika

- boil 1kg of potatoes in the jacket in a pot for 30-40 minutes
- shower potatoes with cold water, peel and slice them
- slice and add 3 yellow paprika
- fry 2 soup spoons of pine nuts in a pan

meanwhile prepare the marinade
- 2 soup spoons olive oil
- 3 soup spoons balsamico
- 200gr vegetable stock
- 2 soup spoons lemon juice
- 2 soup spoons green pesto
- add salt and pepper
- add oregano

mix the potatoes with the marinade and leave them 4h in a bowl
- add 100 gr field salad
- add the fryed pine nuts
- serve it

Enjoy your meal!
1.1.08 18:57

Potato salad with rucola

- boil 1kg of potatoes in the jacket in a pot for 30-40 minutes
- shower potatoes with cold water, peel and slice them

- meanwhile prepare and slice all other ingridients
- 3 hard-boiled eggs
- 2 apples marinated with lemon
- 2 sour cucumbers
- 4 not boiled wiener sausages
- 1/2 red onion
- 1/2 white onion
- 100g cutted rucola salad (leave some for decoration)

- mix the potatoes with all ingridients into a big bowl
- add salt & pepper
- add oregano, parsley and basil
- add olive oil and balsamico
- add 300ml natural joghurt

- stir up the salad and leave in the fridge for 30minutes
- add some rucola on top of the bowl and serve it

Enjoy your meal!
1.1.08 18:39

Inner drive

What is the cause for my restlessness in life?

Why do I use the words "must do", "have to do", "should do" instead of I want to do?
17.12.07 01:31

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