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What the hell is this magic thing in me???

I am easily gaining trust like rather few people would be able to.
I am relatively easily getting people to open up to me like rather few people would do it.

She told me:
I am the first guy, whom she is not icecold to, the first whom she broke the normal rules of an affair, I am the first guy she cried for, the first whom she is really opening up to what she is feeling. The first one who fits to the pattern of her environment, What the hell does all this mean??? I still consider myself being single.

I am either extremely good in ifluencing people in a way that they still fell comfortable with, or there is this magic thing which i cannot explain and some even call it charisma, which is something you embody, but you cannot characterize.

However I feel good with it even though I cannot explain it.

I am listening to L'usine Icl - falling in

23.6.05 02:34


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Ilona (23.6.05 15:11)
There are things in life that cannot be explained nor there is a necessity to try to explain. Simply accept it as it is and understand it. We, humans, sometimes have this stupid need to know everything. Will this knowledge change so much?

(28.6.05 14:53)
In fact as long as I feel good about it i shouldn't ask for why it is like this, the only thing I need to remember is how to achieve and maintain this situtation.

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