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Observations of the day

Most people do everything to look as beautiful as possible at daytime, essentially surrounding themselves with a courtain, and then at nightime, often while consuming alcohol they sort of let this curtain fall and show the people around them very much about who they really are. The reason why it struck is that you see people going from one extreme into the other from vain to despair.

Alcohol is the most publicly accepted drug in our society and yet among the most destructive, especially to our children. If the state and the families are supposed to grow them, why don't they do anything to protect them? Instead the government is receiving tax income on alcohol sold. It simply shows the government's lack of interest in nurturing and developing the society as a whole.

A company or corporation that does not invest money and time to develop their employees' skills should not expect to grow and develop at all. The question here is why do companies do that?
20.2.11 12:25


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