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Quick announcement, I am in Poland and I am really well up.
Here is a list of new sets by "Less", they are worth tuning in:


2.11.06 13:14


Survival strategies abroad

Our No.1 strategy:

Try to keep yourself busy and active all the time. Never say no to any invitation for a party and stop asking yourself, if that what you do is right or wrong. When you wake up, take a shower have a coffee, go out and say hello to the nature or the city. Just don't sit around at home, just dont give yourself time to think to much. Simply get up and keep going, keep going, keep going ...

PS: this strategy is limited to a maximum duration of 5 month, then you will need a lot of time to think things over and start to keep going again.
7.11.06 08:52

Time and "Friends"

People join your inner circle of friends, spend some nice time with you and there comes a day when people will move into the outer circle again, eventually leaving it for good. Today was such a day ...

We all have out live and time is the most scarce resource on this planet. If someone is unwilling to waste time on you why should you do so in return? It's just a question of setting priorities.

Call it demanding, or not caring at all, what's the difference?
7.11.06 09:00


"You feel pressure in the case of deadlines, but without pressure, I think it will take a much longer time, and I am not quite sure that quality would be better. Probably quality would be worse. Sometimes you have to work under pressure and put pressure on other people."

8.11.06 10:52


"Germany is becoming a net exporter of people. Hardly any other industrialized nation is losing so many academics to other countries."


"Today, every major city on earth can be reached within 36 hours. A 10-minute telephone call to just about anywhere in the world usually costs less than a euro, even less using the Internet."

16.11.06 11:53

Thought of the day

When will I be able to create my own small world, rather than passively living in other's?
21.11.06 21:23

Quote of the day

"If you pictures aren't good enough , you are too far away."

@someone whose name i forgot
21.11.06 21:25

Quotes of today

"Your salary is mainly depending on two things, the importance of your responsibilities and how easily you can be replaced by another person."

@Justin (more or less what he said)

You should start aquiring a skill that rather few people are capable of doing it properly.

Life is an almost unique opportunity that was given to you, so live it!

"Happy people, are the ones who do not worry about the things which they cannot change anyway."
22.11.06 21:53

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