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Decision making of consumers

Today I felt a little sick and as I learned from my former Norwegian flatmate Kjetil, in such cases the best you can do is buy Wisky.
Now the difficulty actually occurs when you stand in front of 20 types of Wiskey bottles of different shape and price. How do you decide for one? I did not dare to buy the cheap ones as I perceivce them to be of cheap quality. so I took the one wirth fancy bottle at average price and to come to that decision took me almost 12 min.

next time I will simply buy Brandy
12.10.06 21:09


Getting established

Big announcement, after two 6 weeks of bureaucracy struggles I finally rceived a temporary residence permit. Also I am now the proud owner of Lithuanian bank account with creadit card.

Also I realized that I live an entirely different life. I do not take time to cook for myself as I usuall arrive home when you should not eat anymore. Therefore the sushi leaves and the delicious pasta will stay another couple of weeks in my shelf. In addition I hardly ever have time to call my parents nor do I manage to stay in contact with friends due to different time schedules. When I finish uni, I am still at work or on the way there, while when i finish uni and wanna spend my free time, really no one is in town anymore.

Today I read about applications, and I think I will have to review and improve my CV and all that stuff.
13.10.06 20:00

Say hello to winter

I just browsed the weather forecast which says that next Monday temperatures will drop to +5 degrees at daytime and -5 degrees at nightime, brrrr.
13.10.06 20:04


"Statistics does a strange sort of backwards reasoning, we look at data derived from the real world, then try and extract patterns from the data in order to work out what the real world is like."

18.10.06 12:39

When the down rings twice at the door

The working day kept me busy with collecting and arranging data. I left the work place at 5pm to rush to university and take my mid-term test in project management, I guess it went well. Once I had finished that one, I ended up standing in the city centre at 7pm not knowing what to do with myself. Should I go and buy me a busticket to Warsaw? No probably the ticket office will be closed at this hour, I decided. These days, I find myself postponing things having stupid excuses rather often.
I called some friends, to find out that none of them has time. Should I stay in town for a beer, no it's worth more taking time for myself i thought. So I walked trough the city, although very slowly. I browse the phonebook of my cellphone searching for Lithuanian names that are not there anymore. My life is different now to the one that my friends follow.
Arriving at the district where I live, I went to the supermarket for small shopping. The shop radio played, these shitty love songs all the time such as, "if we would just be together, everything would be so much better" Great thats exactly what I needed to hear today. I went to the cookies shelf and took 4 packages immediatly, all other things were dismissed.
Later, I was passing the beverages storage rack taking the grapefruit juice while looking at the liquer section, I decided to stick to juice only. I am afraid of connecting alcohol to sad moments, as I can see the alarming outcome every single day on the streets. I ended up standing at the cash point with having only chocolate products and grapefruit juice one the band conveyer. The first product against my mood the second one against my cold. I take out 100 Litas and understand that you can't buy happiness ...
On the way home I became aware of the fact that the situation could be much worse, for example if I would live alone or there would simply be nobody. I am curious if I am approaching a situation like I had in the beginning of Poland, or in the second semester before I escaped to Norway. I understand that after all the "highs" there has to come a down. Now it's up to me to reduce it's impact and stand it through.
I arrive at "home" and the stupid dog is barking. My host mother welcomes me friendly but I tell that I am in really bad mood and she should simply not take me seriously. She understands that all of us have some bad days. I go to my room, switch on the computer and start writing it down, just to get these poisoned thoughts out of my mind. Hopefully this helps me to get clear about the situation I am in, although both my English as well as my writing style suck.
24.10.06 20:00

The illusions of going abroad.

Nowadays, very many people are longing for going abroad and some also do so. Often they do so for reasons of personal- and career development. The ones who stay home sometimes envy those who actually take or get the chance which they did not. However I would argue that there also some other aspects of going abroad which few people have spoken about so far.

1. Going abroad is a serious threat to relationships.
- I have seen many who cheated their partner and rather few who had the commitment to stay together. People need attention, and against all belief in miracles, if you do not visit each other frequently to prove that you are important to each other, you are unlikely to stay together.

2. The majority of people goes abroad to escape from something.
- I myself escaped instead of becoming a demotivated student for the rest of my study. Others just broke up with someone and need some excess freedom, far far away from the well known environment. A number of students is also seeking some last great time of their study before they will enter working life or get married. We should not forget about people from developing countries going to advanced ones, simply to improve their basic living and education standard.

3. The remaining ones seek to challenge something in their life.
- There is another group of people who are happy with their life in general but they feel like challenging it. Well, I spoke to people who love their partner and their friends and still need to long for something more. Personally, I challenged my relationship as well as my friendships. The relationship did not survive but was also partly lost even before challenging it. My undue friendships decreased to the ones who are important to me as well as I gained some new ones.

4. Very few students will achieve the necessary skill to communicate in the foreign language, if they did not study it before going there.
- Basically if your skill is sufficient enough to express and discuss opinions you might have a chance to communicate in French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese or other languages. Otherwise and especially when you hang out with a group of locals you will end up sitting there being ignored most of the time, unless you fight this by interruptions. Possesing very good English skills will be more a threat than an opportunity as people tend to communicate in the languages they are able to speak and are spoken by the other exchange students, thus not learning the foreign language.

5. The majority of students will party more than they study.
- although workload usually contains a lot of presentations, papers, readings, lectures the final assesment will not be as difficult as at your home university. I do not say that you study less, because studying by heart is also not the solution. In fact if you really fail an exam it means your study effort was equal to 0.
As exchange students usually seek the freedom described in point 2. they are likely to group and go crazy alltogether. The few students who came to seriously study will have a hard time to follow this unless they stay away from the parties most of the time. After all if you want to get connected with interesting people of diverse background you will have to join the parties.

6. The phenomena of the so called erasmus bubble.
- very few students will continue to group with locals, unless locals dare to do so, as it is simply easier to stay in the erasmus bubble. So called menthors or buddies posses the unique ability to quickly dissappear as soon as they have arranged all the formalities with you which they were asked for by their international office. There are of course some loyal ones as well.
Additionally, exchange students are usually accomodated together with students from all over the world but not with locals which makes it much more difficult to get contact with local citizens. Another important point is that your stay is limited in time and not many people like to invest time in a friendship that is likely to follow the out of sight out of mind phenomenon. Eventually exchange students are likely to share opinion as they are all in the same situation during their stay abroad, therefore they will feel better understood and more comfortable hanging out with each other. To break out of the bubble requires significant efforts to create a friendship with a local or almost fluent language skill of the foreign language of that country.

7. The actual experience abroad
- of course while being abroad you will see a lot of interesting differences some being better and some worse than in your home country. For the duration of one semester this can be a very positive image of that country as it usually keeps you away from experiencing the negative aspects of the nation. Staying for two semesters is likely to show you the negative aspects of living there as well and will give you the full picture. To conclude I can say from my own experience that the longer you stay the more you will know how advantegeous and difficult it can be to always be a stranger.

Okay let's leave this for now, I am looking forward for comments on your personal experience.
24.10.06 22:00

Why resources will always be scarce

Okay, so if you were always wondering why their is little of the things that you need the most, think about the following.

Skilled people: companies complain that they cannot find new people who are skilled enough to do the job. Put simply, skilled people who are willing to work will hardly ever have problems in finding a position, even in times when the labour market is bad.
So you better train your skill.

Time: as soon as others take notice that you have some xtra time they will try to make use of that, instead of managing their own time more efficiently. In addition, having too much time will make you bored and in turn making you looking for opportunities to fill your time.

Money: as soon as you earn more, you will be able to afford more thus fullfill your increased needs, or simply buy more expensive products. As soon as companies find out that you would be willing to pay even more for their products, they will raise prices thus level it off. This is just one of the few examples how your money will always be gone, unless you always go for the lowest price to save money to spend it on something big as a result of having excess money.

Sleep: is omost likely related to scarcity of time thus a result of trying to catch up bad time management. I lack sleep so this is why i will go to bed now ...
25.10.06 23:51

The most common word of this week

"Kaip sialta"
25.10.06 23:56

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