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Just ask if anything has changed.

Labas Vakaras, good evening, welcome back to Lithuania.

Now it's been almost three weeks that I am back in this country. The summer brought new friends and refreshed existing friendships.

Social environment in Vilnius has changed significantly. My friends have new life as well as I have new daily routine. Most of them have found a job and new partner who demands their time. No time, because having a job in Lithuania usually means levaing home at 7am and coming back about 6pm.

Uni also started again, so I am in a new group of evening students who are mad at me that just because I am a fckn* foreigner lectures have to be held in English. Also I hardly meet anyone whom I know from last semester.

Coming to bureaucracy issues, my bank account from last semester became useless because my new job requires me to have my account at another bank. My students ID from last semester is also useless because my university has changed it's name and location, so let's make all students buy new ones. In addition the migration office likes to invite me over and over just because they are too stupid to simply distribute their forms outside their little castle called migration office, so they keep on steeling my valuable time, suckers!

Even fckn traffic lights have changed so instead of 2 stops i now have to wait 3 times to just cross two streets which ends up missing my busses. Does Vilnius transport office really believe this is the way to reduce traffic jams? Speaking about busses it also changed, as I now have to leave home 15 minutes earlier because otherwise the bus would be so crowded that I wont get on and run late. Yeah you are right, today I like complaining, especially as I can't change any of the mentioned issues.
So therefore, I guess it was enough, ...

a no minibusses have raised prices by crazy 50%. Also I had to find out that my university did not change anything on the existing double degree agreement after they had requested my suggestions and promised to consider them. So it remains having tons of mistakes and is just an unimportant document, I should stop wasting my time on such things.

Coming to the good things, I have really interesting courses and little homework at uni. Uni here continues to really be supportive in academic matters. I also got used to my work place, I like my boss and most of my colleagues, although it is really boring to go by car with colleagues who don't speak a word of English. Well I am not that talkative in mornings anyway. I got nice room, desk and latest IBM think center PC, let's see if it helps me thinking.
I can listen to internet radio all day long, and soon I will buy flowers and create roots into the ground ;-)
These days in "old ladies summer" we spend our lunch breaks by the lake or in some other restaurants outside in the sun. So I had really cool week in terms of breaks. I also found a colleague who gives me a ride to work and to uni from monday to friday.

That was basically everything of no interest, maybe next time I will write soemthing interesting.
15.9.06 21:13


what a nice day

After a more or less clam Friday, I got up early on Sathurday and went to my University for applying for a new students ID. I had no other plans for that day, except of seizing that day. Of course I met some people I knew by sight from last semester and I ended up staying at the student's unions office for a couple of hours. As the sun was shining we decided to go for coffee in town. One spontaneous idea would follow the other, so we went for a walk in the forest, later for chinese restaurant, than to see a movie, and all in all it was simply already a great day.
In the evening, I met two Bulgarian study mates from FH-Stralsund who are also studying in Vilnius now. We went to a cocktail bar and as we did not really see each other for about 2 years there was lots to talk about. Based on their first impression they will have a nice holiday semester over here. I asked them if I changed in any way. The answer was, that my appearance did not change much still I grew a lot older in mind. I could agree although I can not claim to be mature. So question of the day is: When can one claim to be mature?
Finishing the cocktail we went to meet a colleague from work to go for some other baras where we would meet my Italian friend from last semester together with a bunch of Polish guys and other Erasmus students. Surprisingly that place was nice and they played really cool music so we dicided to stay there for a while. Later we had the normal problems in finding a taxi and so on but we eventually got one.
Right now I am listening to the album of Archive and it's simply great music. Seize the day.
17.9.06 09:54

Quotes from the art exhibition

Today we went to an exhibition and there were stamps with really nice sayings on it such as:

"one day I will go there and stay"

"for fashion victims only"

"never invest your money in anything that eats or needs repainting"

"we don't need another hero"

"loud talking or whistling not allowed"

"I cannot say I am having deep feelings, but I am capable of beeing seriously moved"
17.9.06 19:28

Questions of the day

How to transform being moved into true feelings?

How many limits do I have to challenge and how much experience do I want to gain till I'll be satisfied with what I have experienced already?

Stop looking for mistakes, you won't find them in her.

Why do I enjoy preparing food more than eating, especially as I usually prepare more than I can eat in one day?

Why we don't look for love in the ones who are capable of answering it?

"The love you feel for him, belongs to you. No one can take it away from you. No matter if he answers it or not, he cannot take it away from you. Instead he is risking to loose something forever. Try to offer him your love and it will always belong to you. Try to keep it for you and it will be lost forever."

@Neon magazin
18.9.06 15:18


"Who makes your brain to stop thinking?"

20.9.06 13:56


Yesterday I went for coffee and the bill looked like the following:

"Latte" 4.00
Didele Carlsberg 7.00
Compliments 0.00 <------- I like that

Suma 11.00
24.9.06 10:40

Today, I woke up on the sofa of my Slovenian friends. I feel like I'd know them for very long and we can have the most interesting conversations about culture, changing places, people, attitudes, and how to deal with all this. It's simple we know what we are talking about as we are kind of experienced in that stuff. We also thought about studying a bit more Lithuanian, at least we should try harder.

My host family went to their cottage house out in the countryside, which meant I had to take care for their dog. I did not know that dogs are that easy going, just i hvae never tried it before.

As I am sitting here, I am listening to a new dj-set performed by my German DJ colleague named "Less". So check this:

Also I can really recommend the following video performed by some very creative artists:

alright, sun is shining and knowing that it will soon become really ugly weather i should seize these days.
24.9.06 11:11

Logistics, outsourcing, strategy

Outsourcing originates from the terms "outside resource using". There is many outside resources available, the question is how you make use of them.
Additionally when companies decide wether to make or buy it, they very often consider only the cost of making it in-house compared to outside. What one should not forget about is that there are transaction costs for outsourcing it as well. You will first have to make the processes working outside your company and this takes time.

“The goal of competitive strategy for a business unit is to find a position in the industry where the company can best defend itself against […] competitive forces or can influence them in
its favor”

@Michael Porter

Comments on Gross Domestic Product:

"GDP measures everything, except that which makes life worthwhile. For example, it does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages."

"Distinctions must be kept in mind between quantity and quality of growth, between costs and returns, and between the short and long run. Goals for more growth should specify more growth of what and for what."

Comments on Sustainability:

"Sustainability concerns must be widespread among citizens. They must permeate the entire country’s culture and values. The must be shared by all sectors."
29.9.06 23:40

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