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Stuffed Duck with red cabbage and dumplings

- Disembowel the duck
- Stuff it with mandarines, apples, onions, carrots
- add mugwort, salt and pepper
- fry it in a pot (add a little bit of water from time to time)
- siphom off the water in the pot
- rub the duck in with honey
- lay carrot slices around the duck
- pour the sauce through a sieve and add red wine
- put the duck into the oven
- add water from time to time
- prepare the dumplings and the red cabbage

enjoy your meal!
1.7.06 15:38



Taken from various chat conversations:

"just think of how many friendships ended for no reason just because the one thought that it is the other one who should call."

"in relationship efforts will never be equal, there is usually one who takes more effort."

"nothing is worse than not knowing how things will go on."

"when you are always the one who pays a visit the other person can only be the one who is suffering."

"when u will meet in years and decide to stay together, there will be this feeling of a lost time."
2.7.06 19:59

Aubergine with Tomato Sauce

Aubergine with Tomato Sauce

- fry sliced onion and garlic in magarine
- add paprika
- cut aubergine in slices and quarter it
- fry the aubergine as well
- add tomato sauce
- add spices as you wish
- add feta cubes

- add gnocci, pasta, potatoes or rice

enjoy your meal!
2.7.06 20:03

Zuchini pancakes

Zuchini pancakes

- slice one zucchini and core it
- rasp the zucchini
- dewater it
- slice and rasp the carrots
- add porridge oats
- add breadcrumbs
- add 4 eggs (one one zucchini)
- slice and add onion and garlic
- add spices (salt & pepper)

- mix everything and form pancakes of max 10 cm average
- fry it in oil from both sides

enjoy your meal!
2.7.06 20:09

Zucchini sauce

Zucchini sauce

- mellow the soft cheese
- crush the soft cheese
- mix it with natural joghurt
- add dill and if you wish add lemon
2.7.06 20:14

Mozarella coated with breadcrumbs

Mozarella coated with breadcrumbs

- slice Mozarella cheese
- wallow it in egg
- coat it with breadcrumb or porridge oats
- fry it

enjoy your meal!
2.7.06 20:17

Roulade with red cabbage and dumplings

- take a long piece of beef shoulder
- tenderize it from both sides
- add salt and pepper
- daub it with mustard from the inside
- add a 1/4 of onion and a piece of bacon
- if you wish add sour cucumber and fresh cheese
- roll it so that nothing can fall out
- transfix it with a roulade needle

- roast it gently from all sides
- add water from time to time to make sure you will have something to prepare a sauce of

prepare red cabbage, dumplings or potatoes

enjoy your meal!
2.7.06 20:39


"Don't do what you're not sure to be capable of."

Norwegian saying

"Strategy is nothing without the ability to operationalise it."
"Winning business today is more than offering the right features at the lowest price. It is much about understanding your partner's strategic and operational environment and individually linking this to your professional value proposition. Not an easy exercise - but a rewarding one."

Christian Holscher

"Strategy is about being different."

Michael Porter

"Put strategy into action."

3.7.06 09:10

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