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back in 'good old' Germany

Yes you read correctly, I am back in 'good old' Germany.
I am talking of that country in which people traveling by train walk to the door 10 minutes before the train is supposed to arrive and when the train is late for 5 min they start complaining that they have to stand there. It is also, the country where labour unions protest against a possibility, not a must, of longer opening hours for small shops during the period of the world championship. Probably they are really afraid of making money in times of economic recession. It must be really a danger to have some tourist coming who want to do some shopping after having visited a soccer match. The worst however is, that I had to read that right wing party members gained political power among the citizens and they now pose them selves as then friendly neighbour. They renovate schools, host German culture events, and advertise entire living districts as foreigner free, meaning higher quality of life! Anyway enough about 'sick old Germany'.

Sometimes I am thinking wheather I have a home or a country of origin. For sure I have both, but what I mean is that I feel like my suitcase is my home. I remember people complaining that they live out of their suitcase. For me it is always a great experience to see that i am able to live out of the few things you have in a suitcase and you dont need much more material things.

Today, I was reading an article in the only one German magazin that is worth reading 80 % of it. There was an article about how we define luck and they also asked people what is luck for them and so on. They mentioned an interesting point. studies showed that the level of luck you have at present in your life is likely to stay at the same level for the rest of your life. Since I am lucky bastard, this means I will continue to be one, thanks neon-magazine, I love you. Personally, reading this magazine has always been some kind of luck to me.

Also I was taking part in a long distance running competition today and it made me feel really good, altough I am really exhausted now. My team of 7 runners who ran 6 km each made the 42 km in some 2h and 38 min which was a very good result.
10.6.06 22:54


What keeps us fresh

According to the magazine of my health insurance the following ten points make us stay fresh and young:

1. adequate sleep (minimum 6 hours)
2. a certain portion of humor (smiling, singing)
3. sun protection (sun cream)
4. excerising (sports)
5. vitamins and minerals (nutrition)
6. adequate drinking (water)
7. a joyful sex life (quality not quantity)
8. good contact with friends(and colleagues)
9. life-long-learning (challenge yourself)
10. periodically relaxing (meditation, simply don't work)

Folling the above mentioned ten points you will be able to slow down the natural process of aging. Who wants to be old?
11.6.06 15:26

Some things I read

"The relationship to your childs is the only one that cannot simply be cancelled."

"Do not tie your hapyiness to material things! A bigger car won't make you happier"

"Nowaday's possibilities to compare yourself at a disadvantage are unfortunately enormous."

"The possibilities that your level of happiness may change during the course of live are rather rare."

"Happiness is to feel the difference and contrasts between satisfaction and dissatisfaction."

"Being aware that every high is followed by a down, helps you to inrease the effects of the high and to reduce the ones of a down".
11.6.06 21:46

Quotes from "before sunset"

Simply enjoy reading these quotes of various different viewpoints on love and life and stuff like that...

"I am 32 and I want to have kids some day, I am just not ready yet."

"People just have an affair or even entire relationships, than they break up and they forget."

"I feel I was never able to forget anyone I have been with, because each person has their own specific qualities, you can never replace anyone, what is lost is lost."

"Each relationship when it ends really damages me, I never fully recover, that is why I am very careful with getting involved, it hurts to much."

"You can never replace anyone, because everyone is made of such beautiful specific details."

"I know that's not true, but that's sweet of you to say."

He: "Why weren't you there? I mean I know why, but why?"
She: "Maybe we would have hated each other eventually."
He: "You mean like we hate each other now?"

"The world might be less free than you think."

"... nobody is gonna be everything to you, and that ultimately it is just the simple action of commiting yourself. So what is love, respect, trust, admiration? I felt all those things."

"Do you think you would have finished your book if you were fucking someone every 5 minutes?"

"Couples are so confused, that lately I think it must be that men need to feel essential and they don't anymore. I don't need a man to feed me, but I still need a man to love me!"

"He leaves from time to time and I miss him but at least I am not dying inside."

"Even being alone is better than sitting next to your love and feeling lonely."

"You know, its not even that, I was fine, until i read your fucking book!"

"In a way, I put all my romanticism into that one night and I was never able to feel this again. Like somehow you took all these things away from me. I expressed them to you and you took them with you."

"... but what does it mean the right man, the love of your live, the concept is absurd, the idea that you can only be complete with another person is evil!, right."

"I always act as I am detached, but I am dying inside, I am dying because I dont feel pain or exitement."

"Its so weird you know, people think they're the only ones who go through though lifes."

"This is incredible, this is where you live?"

"Every single morning he looks at everything like he saw it for the first time."

taken from the walz:
"but you where for me in that night,
everything I always dreamed of in life,
but no you are gone...
I know what you meant for me that day,
I just want another try,
I just want another night,
even though it doesn't seem quite right.
You meant for me much more than anyone I have met before."

"My heart will stay yours until I die."

"You want some honey? Yeah sure."
16.6.06 00:42

3 people 3 approaches

Recently, I met three interesting persons who I would like to introduce now.

Person one: "the cozy start into life"

He is vegetarian and doesn't drink neither does he smoke, however, his appearance is rather down to earth guy, but also not alternative. As the sun of wealthy parents he lives in the city centre together with his girlfriend, drives a 2nd hand car that is worth about 20,000 Euros. Thanks to the influence of his parents, he found a decent job directly after his graduation in business administration.

Person two: "the traveling student"

He studies business administration in Germany, but this does not mean that he must be in Germany itself. Thanks to webbased online studying he can follow all his lectures from everywhere, while he is constantly travelling around the world. The only time he spends in Germany is about 1 month exam period per semester when he simply must be there.

Person three: "the entrepreneur at 21"

He started working part time in a record shop at the age of 15. When he finished school he took a 1 year training program in media design before he started an apprenticeship as media designer for the following 3 years. Besides the 8 hours at work, he continued to job part time for the record store every day.
If that would'nt be all, he is a DJ and started producing his own tracks. Now, as he finished his apprenticeship, he will continue to work for that company as a freelancer, while he himself became an entrepreneur by starting his own little agency that provides event management, corporate identity documents and working full tiem for the record store. just a few weeks ago he started to learn how to play the guitar.

allright, so much to ways of life.
18.6.06 20:14

Ways of dealing with previous relationships

"The ones who love, sacrifice themselves and when they start all over again they can't avoid making bad experiences at all. The ones who want to be lucky must overcome their past."

"The breach of trust by the other person usually leads to a persons break down. The sceptism left will also affect any new relationship."

"Fear and mistrust will destroy most relationships. You put pressure on the your partner until this person will actually do what you never wanted him or her to do at all."

"Those who are talking too much about their previous relationships will be unable to focus on doing things right in the present one."

"Once routine has begun, the need for safety and intelelctual conversations characterizes the mature love."

"The crucial question relationships is what you are willing to give up for your partner."

"Not every relationship that failed or ended with a tragic break up was automatically a bad one, try to keep in mind the good things you had together."

"To break up is always the easiest thing to do, but not necessarily the solution to your problem."
30.6.06 23:32

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