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"Those who want to be everything for everyone, are likely to end up being nothing for no one."

@ Marketing Director of Dockers
3.5.06 01:43


Learning a language

I was just thinking if that's normal

learning how to speak German in Germany,
learning how to speak English in Norway,
learning how to speak Norwegian in Poland,
learning how to speak Polish in Lithuania,

so where to learn Lithuanian?
3.5.06 01:45

The only constant that is likely to preserve is "constant change"

@annual report of Apple Cooperation
3.5.06 01:47

St. Petersburg (part two)

So we met again in the evening to explore the city's night life.
We went to a bar called Datscha, seemed to be a cool place with nice music and atmosphere but was totally overcrowded, unfortunately. Gleb the crazy Russian guy I know from last Semester in Stralsund could not believe to see me in "his city" according to his words. Anyway we went to some club called Red Club, Katja and I entered for free, our German companions had to pay and our French friend did not pass the face control of the security, however he entered later. The club had 3 floors (minimal, progressive and R'n'B) and a nice chill out area. each floor had some girls dancing just to make sure you won't leave the club when the music gets boring.
I got introduced to some of Katja's friends and had a few conversations with the ones who actually spoke English. As far as girls are concerned, things work a little different over there. Just like in Lithuania, it seems to be quite common for girls to start talking to the guy. The one German guy had to write down his number for one girl, however she did not call after all. We left home in one of those secret Lada taxi's and arrived fast and safely.

The next day we visited the winter palace including the famous amber room. Winter Palace is an amazing building surrounded by a huge park with sculptures and so on and so forth. When visiting the museum we had to wear special slippers. So the crowd of 45 Erasmus students entered the amber room and none of us cared that it is forbidden to take pictures at all.
We will have fun puzzling the pictures together. After all we were pretty tired and got some sleep on the bus.

We went for dinner in the evening to some wild restaurant.
Being served by that 150% gay waiter, we ate several wild meat dishes. I had Elk Entrecote and I have to admit that this was one of the most delicious meals I have ever had. Being totally satisfied we went on a small fototrip at night before we met Katja again to party. In some pub we saw how Russian drink Sambucca. Instead of burning it in the glass and then drinking it, Russians burn the Sambucca while haveing it in their mouth, crazy people. This time we went to some breakbeat club called Gribajedow. A club in an old bunker, good atmosphere, nice people, cheap beer, good music, thus good party.

Next day we went on the famous boat trips. that was by far the best we could do to really see what we haven't managed to see so far. The weather was great and on our one hour trip we saw really another nice side of Petersburg. We passed several weddings, palaces, numerous bridges, and so on.

After that I met Katja again, and we took a walk through St. Petersburg to show me the city the way she likes it. Noticing that we got along each other so well, I really regret not having spent more time with her while she was studying in Stralsund. I invited her to Vilnius but also promised to lobby my friends to join me for a second trip to Petersburg.

Traveling back we were fully equipped with bottles of Vodka and Russian cookies and all sorts of Souvenirs. After bumping on the awful Russian roads we eventually arrived at the Estoinian boarder to again carry all our things through the luggage control. Yeah we went on through the night and arriving at 6.30 am in Vilnius I quickly went home for a shower before going to university at 8. I got my sleep in the evening.

okay so much to St. Petersburg, I applogize for my bad writing style. I am tired.
3.5.06 01:48

Kaunas & Druskininkai

I am going to Kaunas on Friday, to stay over a night at Iker's place. In case I will be lucky I will also meet my other Spanish friend Silvia.
Yeah on Sathurday we will go to Druskininkai, more to that soon.
5.5.06 00:44

Jonave, Ukmerge, Anyksciai

Yeah the students association (SA) of ISM Kaunas organized a daytrip for ISM Erasmusm students to see a little bit more of the country than simply the 3 biggest cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipedia) and the typical sights kike "the hill of crosses", "trakai castle" and the "curonian spit". Sathurday, 10am a group of stunning 7 Erasmus students (guys only) and the 2 girls from ISM SA showed up to go for the trip to Jonave, Ukmerge, Anyksciai. After short introduction to the other guys we were heading off our destination. While going on the best Lithuanian highway we passed valleys, hills and a huge fertilizer factory. Due to the fact that none of us has had breakfast we made a short stop by the Norfa supermarket and bought some food before we went on to have a nice picknick by the riverside.
It was kind of European breakfast, Spanish were eating olives, cookies, sandwiches with hamon, Dutch were eating Gauda, and I was eating ham and cheese sandwiches.
120 Kilomteres away from his study town Kaunas, the Dutch guy met a study mate and had a little conversation, when he arrived late for the bus, our tourist guide did not really believe his excuse which was: "Sorry I am late but I met a friend".

Later that day, we went to some horse museum (pretty boring) except from the playground were we tried the swing, the merry-go-round and horse riding of course. After that we went to an even more boring museum about famous Lithuanian writers, the only thing of interest were a few paintings and the houses they lived in. All the clocks in this house were set to the time of his death. It was said that he died on his sofa at 15.50. We got a little starnge feeling when we looked up our watches which showed exactly 15.50!

As if this wasn't enough we had another museum on the agenda, the railway station of Anyksciai. However it was the most interesting for us since we could try bikes that ride on the rail and this wagon on rails where you have to push and pull to make it go (does anyone know the name of that?) So yeah great fun, also the guide of the railways station was a very happy man.

Having seen the railway station and the old wagons and so on we went on to some huge rock in the forest to have a few beer and relax a bit with fresh air before we would go back to Kaunas.
We were playing abit with my mobile chess, I lost of course.

I said good bye to the guys in Kaunas and thanked them for the day before I had to take one of these old awful busses back to Vilnius. I mean awful because, they drive like crazy, the air is fug since the air condition never works, you cannot sleep because a few drunk Lithuanian guys in sports wear were enteraining the whole bus til the very end.

Arriving in Vilnius, I was searching for an ATM to withdraw some cash before I would meet my the Polish gang at Tamsta. There was a really cool swing concert given by a Lithuanian big band.
People like you and I were dancing swing, I felt like in being in another decade.
However I was rather tired so I went home pretty early.

Viskas, That's it for today

I got confirmation for the trip to Kiev, we will go by train, that is gonna be an adventure for sure.
7.5.06 11:03

People Management

There is quite a number of books on people management, employee motivation and retention, tacit knowledge as the only resource that is left to the influence of the company. Researches show that companies have recruitment problems due to shortages in skilled labour. However, in contrast to that companies use terms such as human capital and continue to burn out their employees by making them work 12 hours per day, paying lower and lower salaries, taking away more and more freedom and therefore also their motivation. Of course that is my personal impression and highly subjective, but I would argue it is interesting to observe this development.
7.5.06 13:59

Lithuania Today

Here is a few phrases that I read in the magzine "Lithuania Today"

"Wanna party? Come to Lithuania. Cheap flights, cheap fun"

"We will make Vilnius the leading wooden house capital of Europe"

"No more excuses! It's time to start rowing together!"

However the one I liked most is:

"Vilnius catches and changes your soul."
9.5.06 22:57

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