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Stars in the Water

Labas Rytas,

Today I found out that in LT water is cheaper at night and on weekends. I am excited to get to know the answer for that.
Properly they cannot really risk that the water is not circulating and might either freeze or present a perfect environment for developing bacteria.

Recently, I made some friends at ISM and surprisingly the live in the same district I live in as well. Most of them are pretty nice people I get actually warm with to have a proper conversation. From time to time we watch movies together at someone's place.

Who said that Lithuanian is difficult, to most of the common european words you just add ... as, is or aite! :-)

Also I got completely excited about reading business books staying in the university's tiny but very good libary for hours. Furthermore, I got plenty of ideas how to improve my study course back home in Stralsund which I forwarded to my professor and she was pretty happy about my comments and suggestions for improvement.

Second lecture started today and the professor is very entertaining hence not playing theater without teaching the respective theoretical background. At some point the teacher is walking like a ball in a slow motiuon tenis game which creates pain in the neck after 3 hours of listening and watching.

Benefiting from the quality in competence you get taught here, I have to admit that I am getting more and more convinced that excellence in education has to cost something if not a lot. Actually investing in education is never worthless, unless the person is really unable to apply this knowledge.

I can already find myself using much better vocabulary again.

okay time to go to bed

2.2.06 02:14


Am I a good listener?

Yeah this is my homework for cross cultural communication.

Personally, I have to admit that it varies greatly depending on the knowledge about the topic and sympathy of my counterpart.

While I can be a very poor listener, being distracted by people who are just passing by or having a lot of things rushing through my mind, I often get told a lot of things which are not of interest for me.

However, yesterday I was told that no matter what distracts me I usually get back to the topic after some time till I have fully understood what the matter is about. I hardly ever leave a conversation without finishing the topic of interest.

On the other hand, I sometimes forget that people raise certain questions and expect to be actually asked the same question in return to have a reason to talk about what concerns them. So what happens is that somebody may ask me a very interesting question and I start rather a monolog in explaining all fundamentals that influence this topic.

What makes me listening, is very much based on the sympathy the person can gain. It is hard for me to talk to somebody whom I have no common basis to for establishing a proper conversation.

Also I think I have to ask more open questions as I tend to raise questions that already contain some prejudices or answers which make it difficult for the other person.

In any case I am convinced I am a poor listener especially when it comes to uninteresting topics or people I have no connection to and whom I am not interested in.

4.2.06 12:32

Yesterday I went to a shopping center called Akropolis. I expected to see some high building that hosts a mixture of shops and modern living just like the Akropolis you could build inSim City 2000. However, when I arrived there I found a flat warehouse which was more like a market with numerours shops under a roof. Still some of the shops had nice interrior and extremely good offers. So I found a badminton set in a proper bag that includes two rackets and 10 balls with feathers for incredible 2,50 Euro. I guess I can be happy if they survive more than 3-5 playing sessions.

The shopping center contains a lot of different shops and entertaining activities such as ice skating arena, bowling center, cinema, exhibitions, sushi and pizza restaurants and a lot more national shops with interesting products. It is actually so huge that you walk more than you shop while trying to find the right shop.

Also I went out yesterday, starting with having a few beers at Katja's flat then going for a few more beer with her Lithuanian flatmate. Later we would all end up in a nice club called cozy where they played all the latest minimal house songs that I know from Germany. It seems like Germany and in particular Berlin is the center and source of Europe when it comes minimal electronic music.

When studying in eastern countries you start to realize why Germany is a large exporter. There is hardly any taxi to find that is not of German origin such as Audi or Mercedes or Volkswagen. Also when you go through the supermarket one can see orange juice or Nivea cream with German slogan on it.

Okay the weather is too nice to just waste this day sitting in front of the computer and listening to www.soma.fm

Viso Gero

4.2.06 12:55

softer than soft

After accidentially washing my cloth with concentrated softener which I forgot to attentuate my cloth are now softer than soft and smell soo so nice. May be I will do this more often.
4.2.06 14:28

playing games

I am trying to as frank as possible, but she is playing, and I am tired of playing games. It leads to nothing but confusion for me.
What is she afraid of?

Well the thing is, that mostly playing characters are likely to start something with a foreigner, so I will have to make her, the player, stop playing with me. I am waiting for the day when she will eventually unveil her real personality.

So I will have to be patient.
5.2.06 01:54

the producers

Today I saw an original version of a movie called "the producers" which is about a play called the springtime for hitler. Just to give you an example: In the movie they play the piano and sing with a smiling face that they will crash Poland. The audience is of course shocked, I dont think Polish can smile about that movie. However after some time it gets really fun when they come to the conclusion that because they are Germans they won't be able to attack Germany itself.

I did not even know that such thing exists, and I can't really tell how other cultures threat that movie. For me not being and not able to be proud on my nation and its history this was sort of a very strange experience. Still at the end I could laugh and I was suprised that Lithuanians have no problem at all with that.

5.2.06 02:03

international business

Yesterday, I decided to visit a lecture about international business.
I eventually understood the major risks to IB such as the dangerous role of labour unions, the impact of tax rates on profit, the need for dual sourcing, how to protect your assets against competitors and civil law suits and so on and so forth. During the entire lecture one question was raised a number of times: "Is this way of doing things ethically correct?"

The answer is of course subject to debate, and there is no right or wrong but I learned the benefits of doing business on an international scale.

7.2.06 12:35

Do you speak English?

Today, a pretty tall girl with orange scarf entered the bus and once I had taken my bag away she would smile and sit down next to me. She had this something in her eyes that activated my adrenalin. I was trying to continue reading my book but it was impossible.

So I worked up the courage and started talking to her. She answered politely and interested and we had a little chat about studying in Vilnius, as she is a medicine student. It turned out that we have the same busstop and we both need to go shopping. So far everything was fine.
So on the way to the shop I asked her if she would like to meet me for coffee one day. She said: she likes coffee but she is very busy. So I suggested her to go some other day and pointed out that she has nothing to loose in meeting me. However, it did not work out and she said that she would rather not meet me, but may be we will see each other again some other time. I thanked her for being so kind and wished her a nice evening.

Well she was one of those girls who exactly know what they want , those who are not very likely to meet a stranger, and also I could have chosen much more professional strategy. Will have to work on that in the future. It is cold, I need a girl to hug with, talk to and share with.

7.2.06 23:25

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