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New Year's Resolutions

- scale down your expectations but make sure you will meet them
- be open to many but close to fewer people
- play more chess
- read more books
- do something in memorizing techniques
- take more time for finding yourself
- get a clear image of your strength and weaknesses
- become a better listener

stop doing things:
- that lead to confusion
- that do not contribute to developing the good things of my personality
- that delay achieving your goals
- that lead to too many options

overall goal is to develop a way of balancing things

2.1.06 00:01


Life is somehow like a wave.

Everything that comes has to go.
Everything that arises has to fall.
Everyhing that intrudes will break out.
Everything that grows will decline after some time.

There are rather few things that do not leave your life.

This might actually be the reason why people strive for endless life, endless beauty, endless happiness, endless love ...

4.1.06 19:06

19 days left before my project called 'Go East' starts!

5.1.06 01:29

Telephone Interview

Even if you can answer the first few questions with a simple yes or no it is advisable to try and give a little extra information to get the interview rolling, but don?t waffle. If you were in the interviewers? position what sort of answer would you want?

The interviewer can?t see your face, but smile as you speak ? it will make you sound more positive and amiable.

Have some perceptive questions ready to ask at the end of an interview. Ask questions that demonstrate your knowledge of the firm or the industry, or clarify points about the position that haven?t already been covered.
5.1.06 01:56

Tests to assess a skill

I was just wondering what, different tests actually measure?

1. While being at school most of the tests do actually measure nothing but how well you are able to remember things, writing them down in the words the teacher told you.

2. While being at university test still mostly asses the skill how well you can remember things, rather few tests assess the ability to apply this knowledge.

3. In about 4 days I have a finance exam and the only thing it measures is how well i read the manual of my calculator

Now the thing is that I am terribly bad in using my calculator but very good in doing the same things in an excel table, unfortunately I am not allowed to use an excel table.

University vs. University of Applied Sciences vs Work

at the university: you are being taught mainly theory but rather seldom how to apply it. So how to use it?

at the university of applied sciences: you are taught mainly theory with practical examples but very often you will get presented one solution. So what happens if one condition changes?

at work: you have to make an effort in finding out how things work as they always worked, then you can start improving them and hope not to become one of the defenders of the same old way.

6.1.06 01:25

Place to live

Question of the day:

What actually makes Lithuanian students not want to live together with a German one?
6.1.06 02:13

Exam Period

Good Morning everybody,

I have the pleasure to announce that exam period is starting up really well. Today we got to know that we passed Norwegian Exams with 1,3 as well as Polish with also 1,3 (92%).

Ps: Highest possible grade is 1.0

Let us hope it continues like this.
8.1.06 13:13

Recently m law professor said:

"I have such a bad memory that some things appear to be completely new to me"

8.1.06 19:06

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