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"All in all there is something to give, all in all there is something to do, all in all there is someone to live. With you ... "

2.12.05 20:00


Debate competition

"It is very interesting what people at the age of 18 can possess in rhethoric skill"

"It is also interesting to see that good lock always counts and that one can never be really as objective as you want to be as a jury member"
4.12.05 14:10

"your strenght is definitely analytical skills, motivation,
lead by example, and probably integrity"

by Ilona
4.12.05 14:28

Who could get my love

Among the girls I got to know throughout my life, the one I'am likely to stay with, should:

- be extremely loyal to me and herself
- not neccessarily highly educated but wise like an oracle
- always question my points of view and challenge me

- be alternative, but knows how to fit into society
- have ideas out of the ordinary, visions and dreams
- be somehow spontaneous, optimistic but stable

- have a magic aura and an appearance that catches me
- have a cute natural proportioned body (cute ass)
- be though, straightforward and frank

- look fresh as a reflection of her personality
- be patient with me, she will need it
- be impatient and fast under no circumstances!
- be a good mother for our children

- have a good taste for clothes, art, furniture, music, food
- know what colours underline her personality
- be competitive but respect others as well

- speak at least 3 languages
- be prepared to move to another country
- have the aim to raise her children bilingual

- be thankful for what I am doing for her
- be sometimes exited like a child
- trust me and should not be jealous

- be active in sports
- always active but knows when to take a break
- cook excellent and creative

- be able to walk with me along the street and tell me
whom she finds cut
- be able to cope with distance
- be able to feel worthy without having everyday attention

- Never question that our relation can survive if we are simply working harder for it.

I know it is impossible to find this girl, but may be she can fit to 80% of this.
5.12.05 01:20

We had such a great time, I miss every single moment, so why I can't love her? What is missing?
5.12.05 21:07

She admitted that she would definately be able to fall in love with me if I would only be there for longer. I simply can't always be there, at this time in my life.
6.12.05 09:13

After issuing my ideal picture of a woman, I got already some feedback, basically asking me if I am completely crazy now:-)

I admit these are kind of very high expectations that cannot be fulfilled, that is why i called it ideal. I will rethink them and see what points are most important to me and if they are important at all.

I know by know that if I won't be able to come up with some picture that can be realized and I can live with, I am very likely to stay either unhappy or alone as someone close to me told me already exactly one year ago in Norway.
6.12.05 19:08

I think I found the reason why I am raising such high expectations.

Basically, wherever I go I find somebody attractive and as I am very adaptive I am likely to have a very good understanding with her, with some more and some less. I don't have this clear picture of a woman like how she should look like and so on, so I tend to like many people, which brings nothing than confusion to my life.
8.12.05 00:09

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