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I am sick and tired of writing about property rights in Poland or civil law in Poalnd or whatever law in Poland;-) The same applies for analysing cases connected to abuse of monopolistic market positions in energy, communication or aircraft industry sectors.
Furthermore, I don't give a fck on semiconductor trade between US and Japan and wether this is considered free or strategic trade.

In any case by now I finished all 4 of papers related to these topics.
Now I can finally concentrate on studying languages, finance, managerial accounting, TQM and if things could'nt go worse another two law subjects!!!

Well, at least I can look forward to my next excursion for polish intensive language course. :-)
1.11.05 00:57


quotation taken from Neon

Please forgive me but I just had to steal this quotation:
"The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
1.11.05 01:28

frequently asked questions

Is a relationship on distance really so strange to some people that they always ask the same questions like:

How do you communicate?
How often do you see each other?
How long do you think you can stay together?
How long do you think you can keep it like this?
Do you learn German/Polish now?
Can you really express your feelings in English?
Is it worth to invest so much time for it?

and what are the answers to this?

once a month, if its possible
as long as we are willing to put effort into it
as long as we study at least
yes, but it is still so difficult
it is okay even though sometimes we miss a few words
we will see, but who knows?

My perosnal opinion is that relationships on distance are easier to manage than close ones in terms of time and effort you spend, even though the distance can sometimes hurt more in terms of missing each other.

4.11.05 00:31

new challenges

Today was the first time in my life that I was speaking to more than 30 people at once. In fact almost 300 people were coming to listen to my presentation. After all I have to say it is not very different to a normal presentation.
9.11.05 21:16

Beach Party yesterday was good, may be even too good.

10.11.05 13:32

quotation by Ewa

A good relationship is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.
10.11.05 16:21

abstract of knowledge of human nature

I don?t have much to say and I don?t have to comment everything, as my way thinking is practically oriented. I possess a keen and realistic mind without an excess of fantasy.
11.11.05 01:16

human nature and distance relationships

?Do you really think that we will still be together next summer?? This was the question she raised to me yesterday right before the party started where I was supposed to be happy. Moreover, she said: ?It is nice that we can meet once a month, but to meet you for 5-7 days is not enough for me. I know you cannot but I wish you would be here and could give me a hug when I am coming home everyday. It is these little things that count for me. I feel so good when you are here and so lonely when you are not. Also you will be in Lithuania and I will be in Amsterdam, we will both get to know many interesting people.? She then finished her statement with the saying: ?I don?t want to get hurt.?

After being shocked and silent for minutes, the only thing I could reply was: ?So you will hurt me before I can hurt you and by that hurt yourself anyway.? She said she simply doesn?t want top get hurt? silence again and then suddenly her guests were coming.

When I woke up today I felt pretty strange, thousands of thoughts were rushing through my mind. Among them, non spoken questions like: ?what is the point of being her, what is the point of making all this effort if she gives up before we even tried to keep it?? In that moment, when I was laying closely next to her while she was still sleeping, I felt like being thousand miles away from her. She of course noticed my behavior later and is now trying to make me happy, but I can?t be smiling because for me something is wrong now. I am laying in bed and don?t know what to do and how to react. I would like to cry to get a release but I even cannot cry, the only thing I can do is to close my eyes.

The thing with women who demand attention is, you get them by giving them attention, but you can only keep them by constantly giving this sort of attention. Actually most of the people I know well who do not believe that relationships on distance may work are the ones, who demand physical closeness. Furthermore, they simply aren?t able to deal with physical distance. Those people who need this certain degree of attention are also very likely to start getting this attention from somebody else, if not to say cheat. The question now is "Do we have to break up, because one of us is not able to deal with distance?" All this sounds so god damn familiar to me from my last relationship and I really don't want to find myself in the same situation at the end.

There is this saying that all of us just want to be loved and give love. May be I just misinterpret this concept called love. Because for me it means, I know that there is somebody who loves me mentally and this gives me a very good physical feeling as long as I know that I will meet her from time to time. Obviously there are people who have a different point of view to this. Probably for them love, means to give and receive love every day mentally and physically.

13.11.05 18:09

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