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If a guy meets a proper girl he will eventually become mature.
7.10.05 00:56


"I would like to talk to you"

For so many years we were unable to talk to each other. Why should this situation suddenly change? We had our chance and we simply have to accept that we both failed. 10 month after we broke I can't talk to her and it is likely to stay this way.

Time to make it better...
10.10.05 16:56

Watching pictures of our time in Poland is like watching a really good movie. Let's see how the 2nd part of this movie is going to be like.
11.10.05 03:07

"Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience."
13.10.05 12:17

I am seriously surprised about my progress in writing term-papers.
I got to the point where conducting one paper doesn't take me more than 2-3 days of effort in research and writing. Having achieved this, I can finally use the time to fully concentrate on other things besides studying all the time.
28.10.05 00:02

I sometimes have these very creative periods at night. At the moment, I am in a stage in which I am able to carry out a dozen ideas at time and conduct several other things at a pace that is far more rapid than average. Moreover these phases are that intensive that I am trying to calm down and sleep but due to these sparkling ideas that quicken my mind, I simply can't fall asleep.
28.10.05 03:11

I somehow manage to fully concentrate on studying to avoid missing her more than I should. Our situation is very likely to stay like it currently is, meaning we will see each other from time to time but will find it difficult to develop it further into a serious relationship, as the degree of interaction is just too seldom.
28.10.05 03:17

"You shine like gold in the air, of summer"

Kings of Convenience
29.10.05 12:29

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