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I seriously suffering a zloty syndrome. Basically everything I buy I consider as too expensive.
14.9.05 23:18


Meeting in Berlin

We haven't seen each other for more than 8 weeks so we decided to take it slowly. I sneaked to her and whispered hello in polish into her ear we started hugging each other and after locking our luggage we first went for a coffee and stayed talking for hours. Later we were exploring the Kurf?rstendamm ( the famous shopping mall). The entire day we would behave like normal friends until we first told each other how we feel about this. In this moment, I told her that we are friends and that I am
not sure if we should get closer or not. Of course we got closer later :-) Meeting Armin in the evening eating great pizza and having a drink together our friendship moved back to where it all started in Poland.

Thursday, we would do the normal sight seeing tour from Potsdamer Place passing the Jewish Monument heading to the Brandenburg Gate, passing the embassies, the university libary, having a rest at Lustgarden in front of Berliner Dom finally ending at Alexander Place. The Jewish monument was a very sad moment for both of us, especially as we couldn't a friendship like ours some 50 years ago. We went home for a little rest before we would go for the great Pizza and then see the Reichstag at night, it is a great view.

Friday, started with looking for fresh cold milk finding a polish store in Berlin where we would have our breakfast. Actually we ran into polish people quite often in Berlin. We then went to Rosa Luxemburg Place to visit some private galeries heading on the streets to Tacheless (a very alternative artist house), also to Checkpoint Charlie. After having the great pizza for the 3rd time and a quick rest we would then meet Yvonne (a girl I lived together with for 2 years) and go for a drink with her.

Sathurday, we went to the technical museum where we would spend 4 hours, She went completely crazy trying out all the things she could , just like a child. Later we decided to go shopping again eating the great pizza. The owner of the shop were we bought some presents was polish again.

On Sunday when we left each other we did not have to cry and we could smile, this is what we both liked the most. We felt nothing but happiness.

15.9.05 23:39

welcome back

Close to my flat there is 4 bakery shops. One of them is not open at all on Sathurdays and the 3 other's opening hours are from 6-10 am. Who the hell eats breakfast at 6 am on Sathurday?

I got the impression that young people in Germany are very much interested in politics and hardly anyone of them is not going to vote today.

So let's go and vote
18.9.05 11:17

I wonder if it is typical German to place each other's kids into the bath tub and take a picture. I guess most of Germans at my age have a picture like this of their own.
18.9.05 18:31

While she is in hospital for an operation, i cannot be there for her.
20.9.05 01:26

Old friend s are like old wine, as the become older they get better.

If you go through your life with open eyes everyday can become an event.

Performance is not depending on reputation, but reputation always from performance.

We are all sitting in the same boat, some are fishing and some are rowing.

People are more a sample of their time than being one of their parents.

The initial purpose of wealth, is to be able to give.

Gratitude is the key to the treasure of our life.

The one who possesses the skill will be able to build a stair out of the stones that are on ones way.

Success is only coming to those who do not fear to fail.

The true character of a man is not seen in his decisions but rather in his everyday customs.
28.9.05 18:29

I start to wonder if I will ever manage to get rid of the zloty syndrome? It is very likely that it will simply be replaced by another syndrome related to litas.
28.9.05 18:34

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