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Some remarks to Lithuania:

Vilnius has one of the most beautiful old towns I have ever seen.
A city with character, many different churches and cathedrals, many beautiful cafes, narrow streets, creative people, a cosy but still dynamic city. One said; "you can feel the GDP growing" ;-)
I am looking forward studying there for one semester.

Lithuanian is a wonderful sounding language, just like Norwegian is.
although I will have problems with the grammar, just like in Polish:-(

I have seen many interesting things in this country ranging from delicious chocolates, curd cheese wrapped in chocolate of all kinds of tastes, more than two dozen sorts of traditional Lithuanian beers ranging from 7,5% viking beer to white beer with lemon. Also I saw smoth vanilla vodka and vodka sold in joghurt cups ready to give you shot when you need it urgent.

We have been to the Gravity Club which is probably going to be my favorite one during my stay. I saw Juri Hulkonnen from Finland, he played a great dj-set, I was dancing for 3 or 4 hours.

We have also been to a castle called Trakai and located on and island in the middle of a lake. A beautiful castle with lots of interesting samples ranging from amber pipes to table ware.
And the 6 of us did a sailing trip around the castle, which was simply great. Going to a pizza resturant afterwards we had to chose from a range of 30-40 different pizzas with all sorts of ingredients, what made it very hard for us to decide.

Going by Eurlines is also quite an experience since Lithuanians drive like hell no matter if it is car, taxi, bus or trolly busses.
Seems like in eastern countries two lanes are always used like there would be three lanes to drive. One is always overtaking.
Good point, trolly busses are busses with antennes run by electricity almost like a tram. For the first time in my life I saw trolly busses in reality.

Coming back by bus I met some Lativians who were going to work for 3 months on the island R?gen, Germany, but missed their ferry in Klaipeda. Now they were travelling by bus, I gave them some advices how to go to Stralsund as quick and as cheap as possible. Later on they wanted me to teach them the card game president, because they saw me playing this with my friends before they had to leave in Warszaw. they learned quite quick and made me to be the bum soon. Now i know somebody who can show me round Riga when I want to go there next year. I hope they had a safe trip to Germany.

Okay det var alt
Jeg skal legge meg! God natt!

3.5.05 01:39


There is one who is always there for you!

He is always taking time to listen to your dreams
no matter how fabulous they sound
no matter how far they go
even though they are unrealistic ones

He is always taking time to listen to your problems
no matter what kind of problem it will be
no matter if it is day or night
even though it takes longer than expected

He is always waiting there when you need to be with him
no matter when you come home
no matter where you come from
even though you are in a bad mood

He will always forgive you
no matter what you have done to him in the past
no matter how hard you have hurt him
even though he doesn't tell you

He will always give you why you came to him
no matter if you need somebody to lean against
no matter if you need somebody to cuddle
even though you won't stop crying

He will follow you all over the world wherever you go
no matter how far it is
no matter how doubtful it is
even though he will have to leave everything behind

As long as you take him with you,
as long as you care for him and
as long as you don't give him away,
your teddy bear will always be there for you ;-)

Thanks to inspiration by Laetitia!
3.5.05 10:36

There are many people out there speaking of moral and values,
but only a few act as a good example who have internalised them.

and the worst thing about this is ... they are quite often
considerred to be old fashioned.

7.5.05 03:19

Every discovering starts with escaping but somehow I find myself moving and moving and moving ... so I keep on trying to understand.

I would say I left Germany for a while because I have no culture to be proud of!

8.5.05 03:29

A friend: "No matter how selfish you can be or hurting, no listening to others and so on ... you have this smth. that attracts people and it's both good and bad."

I should be happy that i possess this thing called charisma,
and also that i have a certain degree of so called charm.

8.5.05 03:34

Since my mother has birthday I am going home for one weekend.
"Pfingsten" is not really the best weekend to travel to Germany.
My sister is going to join me on my way back and she will stay a few days in Poland. I am looking forward to June.

I didn't write so very much here the last days, it means i am working good and i am making progress, so don't worry. It will not change very much since i have still a lot to do and i have visitors.

okay, that's it for now, see all of you sometime soon in the future.

good bye!
ha det bra!
do widzenia!
what was good it in lithuanian???? t.b.a.

-> away ...
11.5.05 20:58

Traveling to Germany for one weekend was actually very interesting. Feeling like a foreigner I could observe some things which i usually don't recognize.

When I was traveling from Berlin to Poznan in the begining of february I thought the soup which I bought from my last 2 ?'s was cheap. Now coming back after 2 month i ate exactly the same soup and I found it expensive. I would rather drink 3 beer for the same amount of money ;-)

Also I was wondering how the yellow fields that appear every where in Poland and Germany are called, the dictionary tells me it is called rapeseed. In the train back home I met two Americans who teach English in Stralsund who where going to a beer festival in Erlangen, interesting, unfortunately they don't stay until I will be studying there again.
Also next to me there was sitting a Russian watching DVD, behind me there was a lady from Italy together with her child. Looks like Germany is getting more and more multinational.
So if you want to meet foreigners in Germany just travel via ICE, it really works :-)

There was some other interesting thing.
Germans complain like hell when the intercity Express train is 5 minutes late and they have to wait on the plattform at the train station, but they would stand at the exit door with all their luggage ready to get off the train 10 minutes earlier than the train is supposed to arrive at the station. I find that funny.

19.5.05 20:47

Hello everybody,

after having been on a tram party (100 people dancing in tram drinking alkohol, and singing all the time) we all went to our favorite club pod minoga, wgere we would dance for another 2 hours without any break. We left this club in order to go somewhere else.
On our way we met two girls and two guys who were inviting us to a club close by. Entering the club the girls started kissing each other and the guys as well. Right in this moment I got a phone call from my flatmate that the taxi is leaving soon, so I left.

Today, I decided to go to a russian market on this market you can get really everything. I thought the girls just want to look a bit but I was terribly wrong. I had to learn my lesson that you should not go shopping with girls, even though I like it to some extend.

Later on we were going to eat some ice cream it was delicious.
Also we would go to the students dormitry to have a barbeque.

So we stayed talking, eating and drinking at the barbeque before we left to town for the long night of museums.

The thing I did not like today was that I had to go out, partying alone after we went to all those museums.
After this crazy party yesterday, nobody was really in the mood to go out, boring guy's. May be some of them are just tired of going out with the same people to the same places, to the same music and so on. However, I showed to bar keeper how to make white russian and then I was sweating to drum and bass and my t-shirt was finally wet. When I left I met somebody whom I know from my additional business english courses, but they also had to leave. So I think i got a first impression of how it is going to be when all of them leave and i gonna stay here the whole June.
High time for getting to know some other people than Erasmus students.

anyhow so long ...

22.5.05 02:17

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