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"Seize the day" especially at this weather.
Therefore, it is not so much to read in here.

2.4.05 13:55


The best things about Poznan are:

- busses run 24h a day, every day
- a dozen of nice and cosy cafes and clubs
- a thousand of students always open minded
- this city never sleeps (except at easter and when the pope is having a critical phase)

have to catch the bus
2.4.05 20:33

Lifetime is limited...

when i arrived downtown Poznan at 9 pm to meet
some friends and going out for party, I saw
some students lighting candles in front of
a monument. At the building next to the square
with the monument there was a huge poster
showing the pope praying. I was walking around
and decided to take a closer look. Some of them
seemed to be really concerned and sad.

There were suprisingly many people outside,
but actually almost everbody was on his way
to the church to pray for the pope, since he is polish.
Like we usually stay talking english on the
streets quite high and rather loud, a man
passing us would advise us to lower our voice.

So we decided to keep quiet for a while to show
our respect and went on towards a church.
When we arrived, there were hundreds of candles
forming the cross in front of the church.
we tried to enter the church but it was so packed
that we had to stay outside listening to the prayers
from the speakers. we stayed there for some
minutes and even tough I am not religious I payed
tribute to the pope as a personality adding some
value to this world while hoping that he will recover soon.
I was quite touched by this atmosphere.

Afterwards, we went on going for a coffee and stayed talking
about the previous days, and how we spent easter.

After one hour sitting there we would leave to meet
some friends at the old market square before we would
decide which club to go to. While waiting their I wondered
why there are so many calm people going home. My friends
were on their way but while waiting for them I got a call
from my flatmate and she was telling me that the pope had
died some 50 minutes ago which was in fact 21:37.

My polish friend was as shocked as I was and we finally
recogniced what was going on there and why everybody would
behave this way. I would also understand why the resturant
we were standing in front of closed so early. But nobody
would have told us, they would simply expect us to know
what had happened. Everywhere, you could see people
leaving the clubs and pubs around the market square.
When we hooked up with the rest of the people we
wanted to go out with, a small discussion came up.

One asked, why is everybody so sad for one person,
when there were some hundreds of thousands who
died from the tsunami waves recently? Everyone
of our multicultural group being from different religion
would remain silent thinking his or her opinion.

Later I took the nightbus home and I have to say
I have never experienced such a silence in a bus.

I believe he has had his time and he did many
good things during his life and time being a pope
but now his time was about to end.

We should accept that each individuals lifetime is limited.
I mean he was 84 and he was sick for such a long time.
Still one question remains: Why do we keep people alive
by the help of artificial methods against principles of nature?

the radio is playing; The Doors - this is the End

sleep well, sov godt, dobranoc!

edit on sunday after reading cnn:

"One thing is for certain, he is going to be a terrifically hard act to follow."

Source: cnn.com
3.4.05 02:17

Today, or better said Yesterday even though it had some pretty emotional moments, it was simply a great day.

I started getting up early, working extremely productive on my leadership assignment for 3 hours, then quickly taking my camera with me and going to business english classes from 11.00 - 12.30 before I would visited my american friend Leo in his office. On my way i took some pictures from Poznan appearing slightly different those days. Leo suggested to go to a Polish cantine down the road and eat some delicious "pirogi" with meat and onion for lunch and some "pyzy ... " as desert. He gave me a list of summer camps run by his organisation, still looking for volunteers. In case I won't get a summer job could be a good idea to go to Estonia for 2 weeks. Afterwards we were just walking around in this district paying a visit to the market before going back towards the city centre.

While walking through town heading to my lecture at 2 pm i had quite an alien feeling. The weather was perfect, I mean i was wearing a shirt and I just wanted to enjoy the sunny weather which made me smiling a lot, but the majority of polish citizens being so sad those days would look at me quite curious. I had the impression that they consider it rude, as it would not be allowed to smile, when the pope just died 2 days ago. So I was in a way forced to hesitate showing my good mood.

I will try to give you an impression of what is going on here. In the street where I live on 7 out of 8 balconies, one polish as well as one vatican flag is set since sunday now. Finishing classes earlier around 3 o'clock there was an "hour of remembrance" arranged for all students lasting some 20 minutes. Some hundreds or maybe even thousand students came to this place in front of the monument. They startet to light candles, to pray, to hold hands with each other and to sing in memory of the pope. Of course many could not hesitate and started crying. Actually it was hard for me to show my respect, since i can neither pray nor sing in polish and i was not familiar with the course of action within this procedure. The only thing I could do was listening and keepig silence. So i remained silent and joined the girl next to me for holding hands which made me even more embarrassed when she realized I don't know the lyrics of this song. When the procedure had ended everybody would go back to work or university. I kept being touched but this feeling disappeared quickly when I left this place. I definately underestimated the committment of Poles to their religion.

I got a phonecall from Ewa if I wanna join her going to the libary looking for some books and copying some things. I had some spare time so I joined her. On our way we met Torun from Norway, Dan from Canada with his Polish girlfriend, and Tomek from Poland with his German girlfriend. There are some 160 Norwegians studying medicine in Poznan, so I use to say if you want to meet Norwegians simply go to the libary, since they are used to separate university from private life.

Then I quickly went back to my Polish classes which turned out to be way better than it was the case in previous times. This time I was sitting next to my friend Laetitia. She gave me her notes to copy them and helped me a lot in grammar excercises which is definately not one of my strengths.

After the Polish classes I would join the french guys for a coffee in an Italian resturant situated directly at the old market square. Sitting outside we were enjoying the sun. Like always it was hard to order drinks and food in polish. Later there were 4 Spaniards sitting at the table next to us drinking beer while playing domino! The table to the other side some 5 asian girls were sitting there. When I was about to leave i got a phonecall from my housemate Marthe writing me that she can see me from the caffee she is sitting at. So I found her and set for a couple of minutes talking to her before I had to leave home.

On my way home we took the Tram until it would suddenly stop again after just 2 stops, because there were thousands of people marching towards church guided by police and so on.

Luckily the busses were still running, and I catched mine straight away. Arriving home, the number of flags being set on the balconies was still not less. Enterring my flat I made myself a tea before I fell asleep from 8 to 10 pm. After having this nap, I had to make some phonecalls and organize some things, until I would finally write this report you have just read.

Enough for today, I am still not tired, but we will see.
I definately seized yesterday, I am a bit afraid today might not be that great, still I will try to make the best out of it.

sleep well, sov godt, dobranoc!

Please note: no critical comments as far as religion is concerned!

I am listening to: St. Germain - deep in it

5.4.05 04:37

In yesterday's Knowledge Management course we were introduced to the following interesting principle.

Pareto's Principle - The 80-20 Rule

- 20 percent of the people own 80 percent of the wealth
- 20 percent of the defects cause 80 percent of the problems
- 20 percent of the work (the first 10 percent and the last 10 percent) consume 80 percent of your time and resources
- 20 percent of something always are responsible
for 80 percent of the results

Of the things you do during your day, only 20 percent really matter.
Those 20 percent produce 80 percent of your results. The value of the Pareto Principle for us is that it reminds you to focus on the 20 percent that matters

If something in the schedule isn't going to get done, make sure it's not part of that 20 percent. Apply the Pareto Principle to all you do, but use it wisely. Don't just "work smart", work smart on the right things.

?2005 About

The price for the first fax was a 5000 USD but was worth nothing.

Why? You need at least two persons to communicate, and the value increases with the person you can communicate to when using this fax.

there is more to come

6.4.05 11:08

In order to know what you really wan't, you have to experience it.
Everything else is an ilusion created by yourself.

? headfunk

6.4.05 11:20

I have just gotten this e-mail

Dear Students,

The Vice-Rector for Education decided that classes on Friday, April 8th (whole day) and on Monday April 11th (untill 16.00) will be cancelled because of the funeral ceremony of the Pope.
6.4.05 11:37

After drinking a bottle of wine with Leo yesterday staying awake up to 2 am while having a guys conversation, today wasn't really the day where I would write a term-paper. So I decided to keep myself busy with things you don't need to think much, like shopping, cleaning my room, delivering some documents, creating a slide show, chatting, skyping, writing my CV according to the new standard (why do the y change it so often) etc.

Now, at least I got my German CV done even tough the language passport is not yet available in every language in which i need it. Should do the English one by tomorrow, and the Norwegian one in the near future, and maybe some day after studying hard the Polish one.

Anyhow Steinar is going to bed now, so I should go to bed as well!

Another time I am listening to St. German - some mix cd i don't know the name of
7.4.05 01:20

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