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"The sky is the limit!"

so much about today's opportunities ...
10.2.07 00:31


The rising use of software in manufactured goods

"There is more embedded software in many children's toys today than there was in the Apollo lunar module."

@Dan Lewis, Seven Counterintuitive Trends, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
7.2.07 14:57


"You have to keep the people who are important for the process close together, regardless of who they are"

@Manfred Wittenstein
8.1.07 09:15


"The foundation of effective leadership is thinking through the organization's mission, defining it and establishing it, clearly and visibly. The leader sets the goals, sets the priorities, and sets and maintains the standards."

"The purpose of a business is to generate customers, only two functions do this: marketing and innovation."

@Peter Drucker
13.12.06 13:13

Some quotations

"Genuine love usually creates feelings of trust, calmness, contentment, happiness and security."

"I honestly don't think life has to be about the 9 to 5. The people who do the 9 to 5 have allowed themselves to do the 9 to 5."

"People are usually single not because they've not met the right person, but because they are in recovery from their childhood. It is a process, like grief is a process."

"Three is rarely a good number, to be honest, when one is a single girl and the other two are married."

"A family is as unhappy as its unhappiest member. your 'problem child' may be just the symbol of all your problems, and a magnificent distraction from them."

"After three years of marriage I don't want to sleep with my husband any more. It's a nightmare because I really love him and we have a gorgeous life together, we're incredibly close, we do loads of things together and we're each other's best friends! Some people, even when they very much wanted to get married, feel trapped when they have a ring on their finger. The problem with this is when two become one there is no longer any distance between them. And desire thrives on distance. It loves otherness. It flourishes on mystery. It's great being married to your best friend, but you lose your lover. The experience of love is an experience of security, of predictability, of safety. Eroticism thrives on the unknown and the mysterious, on the unexpected. Perhaps you should put some space between you? That way you'll get back the distance that stops you taking your husband for granted."

"Anyone who becomes an expert in psychology is really seeking help for themselves. I suspect your wife sets herself up as all-powerful because deep down she feels so insecure. The answer is to fill the lack: give the person the love and security that they need."

"Being with someone who refuses to see your point of view is very distressing - however wonderful such people can be."

"No woman wants a man who always gives in."

"You live in a foreign country and are in control of almost nothing."

"Many, many people have relationships based on the externals: money, beauty, success. Perhaps a larger part of you wants a relationship based on those different things: trust, true connection, integrity. Who is to say which you want most?"

"The other day, I asked him how he felt about me. He shrugged and said: "You're my wife.
We believe that everyone has a profound emotional core: that their true self is there to be discovered. However, many people are just straightforward. They have no deep emotional core."

"husbands do not grow on trees."

"I think you are racked by growing pains. After so much freedom, difficulty, adventure, it feels strange, almost stifling to experience security, stillness, love. To be in one place. To stay still. To not be distracted.

But stay with it. Let the feelings come. Let them go, too, as they will."

"Swimming at a different pace from other people is hard, until you realise the stream never flows at the same pace for long. One day you are ahead of the other fish, the next behind, and the next in a swarm glittering in the sun."

11.12.06 09:55


Statistics is very easy once everything falls into place, but before that enlightment occurs it all seems hopelessly difficult.

@Andy Yield
7.12.06 15:45

How global brands influence our life

"People may love or hate global companies, but they can't ignore them as they have a powerful impact on people's life as well as the welfare of nations, and the planet itself."

People from different cultural background with often conflicting viewpoints, participate in a global conversation where brands represent the only shared symbols. Not surprisingly do consumers ascribe certain characteristics to global brands and use those attributes as criteria while making purchasing decisions.

@Havard Business Review
5.12.06 22:50

The ability to adapt

My ability to adapt goes that far, that only in an environment of high performance I will be a high performer also. On the contrary this means that in an underperforming corporate culture I will team up to underperform. That also explains why you should start your business in a very competitive environment to be good at it.

Lets go where the high performers are ...
5.12.06 22:18

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